Egyptians Claimed Cats See Spirits And Are Empathic


The Egyptians claimed that cats seem to see spirits of the deceased.

Ever since the Egyptians have domesticated cats around 4,000 years ago, cats have played an essential part in human culture. Felines were believed to be magical and sacred creatures worshipped in ancient Egypt.

There are many stories of cats sensing their owners having a disease or that they’re feeling depressed, sad, happy, and other emotions.

Cats do appear to possess specific skills, empathy being one of them. If you have owned a cat, you will have certainly experienced the phenomenon, whereas when you are not well, your cat will come to lay on you if you are in bed and or will purr while patting you with its paw on your body. They may just come to curl up on you. They can sense your discomfort and emotions.

Are cats just super sensitive, or do they possess a connection to another world? Do cats have telepathic and clairvoyant powers?

Cats have also been known to predict earthquakes.

Almost everyone that has a cat has noticed that they sometimes look up and stare at things we are not aware of. They could even hiss furiously at that something. They do tend to be more inquisitive than dogs or other animals, which could also explain their erratic behavior sometimes.

Cats do have the ability to see a particular phenomenon such as orbs, spheres, or energy. Several photographs have shown cats observing with curiosity at an area where there is nothing visible to man.

If an orb is a speck of dust, why would cats show fear or an interest in it? However, if it was an entity, not necessarily a spirit but just an energy form, then the cat can sense vibrations and frequencies unknown to man.

If your cat is acting bizarre for no apparent reason, it might be reacting to something you can’t see, which in turn could mean that it sees a spirit.

In 2014 a study was published that found cats and other mammals might be able to see ultraviolet light. Humans can not see that type of light. This means that your pet is likely to see things that aren’t visible to humans. What that means is if you think your cat is reacting to nothing, they are probably reacting to things you cannot see.

The Egyptians believed that cats are the guardians of the deceased. They held cats in the highest esteem. The punishment for killing or harming cats were very severe.

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