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DIY – Past Life Regression

Do you believe in past lives on earth?
Experienced Deja vu, a feeling of familiarity, a sense of being at a place before?
Met someone and felt you had known them for years?

Many of us are curious about our past, wonder if we ever lived prior to this existence, and others would like to heal past life trauma.

Ever wondered why it is we are have random fears, such as flying, water, or any other fears you may have. – It could mean that something traumatic happened in your past life that is affecting your current journey. These events are stored in your subconscious.If you can work through your past you will be able to over come such irrational fears. Maybe you want to cast a light on a current situation with a person, be it a friend or family member. By regressing on this you could discover more information to heal a current situation in a healing manner.

Great news is that you can access your past life memories very easily. You could do it alone or with a friend, or go to a Past Life Regressionist expert to help unlock those memories from your subconscious.

When exploring your own mind you should put yourself into a trance-like state, or hypnotic state. That will help to remember these past life events. You may find that your past life is completely different from your current life. Possibly you being of a different sex, culture, religion even profession, from your current one. You may not remember all your past lives in one session, it would depend on your Higher Self which life you remember.

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Through regression, you could look back on bothersome relationships to see how problems started.

The interesting part about past life regression is that you explore you, in an alternative life!
Circumstances change, yet you will still recognize yourself.

Past life regression could take about 30-60 seconds, where you could get a lot of information in a short time. It doesn’t have to take hours.

If you are experienced at meditation, this method should be easy to achieve.


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Achieve a trance-like state, while you lay down and breathe deeply. Relax. You want to place yourself into a suggestible state of mind where you can remember things easily. If your friend is with you, they can direct you. At this point you should be relaxed, yet still able to speak. Go through each of your muscles, relaxing them consciously individually. Work your way up. You should be feeling more relaxed in a hypnotic state. Your mind should recall things. You may feel that you are making up things. Trust yourself, your Higher Self, don’t discard anything you see, hear or feel.

This technique is either prompted by yourself or by your friend. Before you start you should make a note of what questions you want to ask. Allow a short time between questions.

What are you wearing? Can you see where you are? What can you see around you? How old are you? What smells are you picking up around you? How do you feel? What are you thinking?

Should you become upset, remind yourself that you are only seeing a past memory, that you are safe. If you have a friend with you, they could prompt you to awaken, fully fine and refreshed on the count of three. Then do the count down to three.

At this point, you should take a few moments to remember everything you had experienced, felt and witnessed and write it down ASAP, as you may forget in time.

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-Congrats you have just had your first past life regression! ~~

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