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Don’t Miss February’s Rare ‘Snow Moon’ in Virgo

The only full Moon in February – The ‘Snow Moon’ is somewhat stingy. The earth sign Virgo can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. It may be difficult to feel like we are enough and deserve our just rewards.

This month when the Moon arrives, it will be quieter than last month and reach us on a more personal level. Yet, we might not love everything it has to say, and by now, you probably sick of snow, yet this is our last cosmic event honoring the winter season before we gear up for the Spring Equinox.

The Full Snow Moon in Virgo will put leisure time on ice.

This month’s old traditional spiritual connections are very similar to last month’s. Yet historically, food was not in abundance during this time of the year. In modern times, it doesn’t apply in the sense of the weather and the abundance of resources but could still be translated into some uncaring behavior. With the current situation, many people are finding food hard to come by due to finances.

However, not all cultures correlate February’s Moon with extreme cold. 

When we live under a poverty mindset, the stakes feel incredibly high, even while addressing common tasks and everyday needs. It can be challenging. For us, the challenge is to remember the importance of generosity, be it with others and even ourselves, even though it feels like we are just making ends meet.

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At this time, it is essential to stay focused on the task at hand and avoid any form of procrastination. Work towards your goals with love and affection towards yourself and others.

Resist nit-picking during the Virgo full Moon.

Tiny flaws can come to light, which could appear to be worse than it is. Do not let it snowball into significant issues, as it can easily undermine your confidence and overtake your thoughts.

If something is not perfect, it does not mean you have failed. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Unless something is urgent and your boss is on your back, you can still allow yourself some space and time to reap the full benefits of Virgo’s hard-working spirit. As Virgo’s love to create with conscientiousness and care, you can still do it if you avoid perfectionism.

February’s Full Moon – 3:17 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time

The full Moon is nicknamed ‘Snow Moon’ as it is the snowiest month in the United States. Yet, the Cherokee tribes nicknamed it the ‘Month of the Bony Moon’ and ‘Hungry Moon’ and would commune with their dead ancestors.

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Ancient tribes such as the Kalapuya tribe named Moon moon Out of Food Moon and others because of the trees which crack in the cold, and people had to sit shoulder to shoulder around a fire for warmth. The Celts named it the Moon of Ice. Aptly, it’s also known as the Little Famine Moon.

There are many nicknames for February’s Full Moon.

According to the lunar calendar, the Hopi tribe calls it the Moon of Renewal and Purification, which is fitting because the Full Snow Moon is normally the very first Moon moon of the year.

The ancient Chinese called it the Budding Moon. February’s Moon moon’s celebrations are the climax of Lunar New Year festivities in various East Asian countries.

Rituals and fasting for the dead were common practices. A medicine person or a didanawiskawi, would host a medicine dance for the community. 

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A New Moon will begin on March 11, and that month’s Full Moon will illuminate on March 28 as the Worm Moon, as the ground starts to thaw, allowing earthworms to reappear.

Full Moon dates and names

  • January 28 – Wolf Moon
  • February 27 – Snow Moon
  • March 28 – Worm Moon
  • April 27 – Pink Moon (supermoon)
  • May 26 – Flower Moon (supermoon)
  • June 24 – Strawberry Moon
  • July 24 – Buck Moon
  • August 22 – Sturgeon Moon
  • September 21 – Full Corn/Harvest Moon
  • October 20 – Hunter’s Moon
  • November 19 – Beaver Moon
  • December 19 – Cold Moon

You may wonder what is a Supermoon:

Distances between the Earth and the Moon vary because the Earth is not at the center of the Moon’s orbit and the Moon’s orbit is an ellipse.

It is called a lunar perigee when Moon is closest to the Earth, and when it is furthest, it is known as a lunar apogee. Therefore, when the lunar perigee occurs exceptionally close to the full Moon, it is known as a Supermoon. 

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