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When you’re an overthinker, even a text message with one or two words can lead you to overthink it. A person smiling at you...


Forgiveness plays a major role in all our lives. You need to forgive in order to move on from things.  Forgiveness is not just...


In Sanskrit, ‘Purushartha’ is the word for ‘human goals.’ It is a combination of the two words’ Purusha’, which means a human being, and...


Think about the moments in your life, from when you were a very young child until now when you encountered shame. Notice how your...


Every single person faces the difficulty of making new friends at some point in their life. To build good friendships and develop interpersonal skills,...


Trust is a vital component in successful relationships. Lack of trust in a relationship can lead to you getting hurt, anxious, and worried.  Here...


A Lightworker is a person who has come to Earth to help transform the darkness into light. Lightworkers are meant to shine without letting...


Parents always want what’s best for their children. Unfortunately, some parents adopt various practices that are rather harmful to their children, and these sorts...


Apologizing whenever you make a mistake is a great trait. But over-apologizing is not something great. You should have the ability to recognize the...

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