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We all deal with toxic people in our day-to-day life. Toxic partners are easier to deal with, but toxic family members? Now that’s not...


As a human being, at some point in your life, you get into a relationship. Not all relationships succeed, and when a relationship fails,...


Personal boundaries are compulsory to build and maintain healthy relationships. And by boundaries, we don’t mean the physical ones used to keep people out....


Throughout life, we come across fake friends. They pretend to have all your best interests at heart, but it is merely an act.  Most...


Love can sometimes be a bane of bliss and a source of woe, especially when the person you love decides to leave you. You...


According to therapists, the people you surround yourself with are usually reflections of the way you feel about yourself. Our relationships reflect our state...


Every one of us has a zodiac sign assigned to us when we are born. But most of us don’t pay much attention to...


They say that girls are complicated, but as a girl, you might have come to realize that guys are complicated too. Guys flirt with...


As challenging as it is, there are so many lessons that can be learned from keeping quiet, and there is an opportunity for all...

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