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Dealing with a Fake Person – Here Are 5 Signs

Most people nowadays have masks on, and by masks, I don’t mean the ones that protect you. I’m talking about the masks you can’t see, the masks that fake people use. Most people have fake people in their lives. They might be super nice to you in the beginning, but with time their masks fall off. 

A fake person pretends to be your friend but is actually an enemy, jealous and selfish! Look out for the red flags.

Fake people tend to manipulate people to get what they want. As soon as you serve your purpose, they discard you and vanish from your life. Therefore it is better to move away from fake people who are just there to use you. 

Below are a few of the signs that will help you in identifying a fake person. 

1. Should they ask you a question but leave before you can answer 

You probably have come across people who seem genuinely happy and excited to see you, but this only lasts for a few seconds. They might say, “Hi! How are you?” and the next second, their attention shifts to someone or something else. These kinds of people just leave you hanging. You shouldn’t bother to be friends with fake people like this.

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2. Everything is at their convenience 

When a person focuses on ensuring that everything is convenient for themselves, even before thinking about others, you should move away from them. You shouldn’t have to deal with someone who pretends to be nice because it’s convenient. Whenever someone like this is dissatisfied, that person becomes rude and mean. People like this are definitely not worth it. 

3. They move away from you as soon as they acknowledge someone else 

Fake people are experts at using people to comfort themselves. They will surely leave your side as soon as they come across someone they like better or someone belonging to a higher social status. Fake people are nice to you whenever they need your company. Once they’re done with your support, they then move on to a more important person.

4. They get overly excited to see you when it is not appropriate 

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You might have come across people who hug you and get excited to see you even though you’re not very close to them. This sort of behavior gives you a suspicious feeling, making you wonder if the person is being fake. You could most probably be right. Closely observe this person’s behavior because pretty soon, he or she might ask you for favors.

5. They constantly repeat themselves 

If someone asks you a question just to give his or her answer, then this person is definitely a fake one. Fake people pretend to listen to you as if they’re interested in what you’re talking about, but you might notice that they never remember anything that you said. So distance yourself from fake people like this. 

A few things to remember:

  •  Fake people don’t keep to the plans they make.
  •  Fake people are only around you when it’s convenient for them.
  •  Fake people are never there when you need them most.
  •  Fake people don’t listen when you talk.
  •  Fake people like to pretend not to be upset about things.

Take note of these signs if you think you are in a fake relationship:

  • They’re emotionally distant.
  • Conflicts go unresolved.
  • No questioning about your feelings or what you’re thinking.
  • No talk of the future.

Trust your gut instincts; they are generally right!

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