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Daily Habits Of An Intuitive Person and Tips To Guide You to be more in touch with your intuition

We all have great admiration towards intuitive people. Well, some people as septical; some think they are gypsies staring into a crystal ball, and others admire them. 

But what if you are an intuitive person who hasn’t realized your capabilities? 

Intuition is challenging to describe, despite the huge role it plays in our everyday lives. We have all experienced it, whether you realize it or not. Some people call it those gut feelings, that unconscious reasonings that move us to do somethings without letting us why or how. 

Here’s some signs that indicate you are an intuitive person.

1. You pick up on everyone’s emotions. 

An intuitive person is highly sensitive when it comes to what others are feeling. You might not know how to save your own self from the energies transmitted by other people.

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2. You have vivid dreams.

You have a tendency to have the wildest dreams. Some of your dreams even might have come true, making you feel as if you could predict the future. It could have scared you, especially if the dream showed you a negative outcome. Don’t cut off your ability to dream just because of fear, move from fear towards trust.

3. You’re very discerning.

You have the ability to judge a person effectively by seeing through their charisma, charm, talent, and beauty. You see the soul underneath. When you resonate with a soul sense, you are drawn to them with no understanding of why. If you don’t feel that way about someone, then you withdraw from them. 

4. You get messages from all around.

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Do you feel like the objects around you are trying to talk to you? As if nature or a loved one is trying to send you a message? When you’re in a tuned-in state, you will feel as if everything is trying to get through to you even though you don’t realize it. 

5. Psychics hunt you down.

You might bump into psychics that pay a great deal of attention to you. It is mainly because they see that your third eye of intuition is widely open. This leads to one psychic drawing towards another. 

6. You are suffering from a chronic illness that doctors can’t cure.

It is known as ‘shaman sickness’ in indigenous cultures, where the shaman of a tribe gets sick due to not heeding the inner call. Intuitive people are scared of their power because they think that they will be scrutinized over their intuitive abilities. But holding back makes them physically and mentally exhausted and sick. So it is a sickness that can never be cured.

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7. You’re prone to addiction.

When you don’t realize that you’re intuitive, you try to get rid of that voice in your head by over-drinking, smoking, using narcotics, and overeating. You are drawn to addictive behaviors because you think they disconnect you from your intuition. 

7. Synchronicity stalks you.

When you’re intuitive yet unaware of it, it might show you signs from the Universe that leaves you in awe. It’s like intuition tries to get your attention internally, but if you’re not paying attention, it will shake you externally until you’re listening.

Those of you who want to be more in touch with your intuition begin by listening to your inner voice; it is a fantastic guide.

It is easy to dismiss intuition, yet it is a great gift that will guide your well in life. Everyone is intuitive, but many people don’t pay attention. Have you heard someone say, ‘I don’t know why I did that; it was just a hunch?’

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Take time for solitude, as it can help you engage in deeper thoughts and reconnect with yourself.

Mindfulness and meditation are excellent ways to tap into your intuition, as they can help you filter out mental chatter and weigh your options objectively. It enables you to tune into your intuition and ultimately make decisions that you can stand behind completely.”

Be observant as you will gain a keen sense of how often coincidences happen in your daily life. 

Intense emotions, particularly negative ones, can cloud our intuition. You will notice that you will feel out of sorts when you are upset, depressed, angry, well any heightened emotional state, your intuition can fail you.

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