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Cutting Through Indecision And Overthinking

Many people get stuck in indecision and analysis paralysis. It has nothing to do with being competent, intelligent, or talented.

In effect, overthinking and getting lost in infinite choices decreases their effectiveness and intelligence by creating inaction.

It would be better to take any action than no action or to be indecisive. Don’t get caught up in trying to make the perfect decision and then not making any decision.

The Pitfall of Overthinking

The resolution is to cut through the indecision and overthinking with action.

If there are not many possibilities or choices, it would be easier to make a choice. 

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The overthinker will create a decision tree in their mind. “What if I choose this one and this could happen, what if I decide I would like this, and then that might happen.” The list goes on, and more decisions and obstacles lead to researching every option, which leads to more research — an endless cycle of thinking and possibilities.

It is impossible to analyze all the options as each option contains a lot of uncertainty. It is impossible to access how each option will turn out and how important each factor is.

The vagueness in this kind of thinking keeps you stuck in indecision, as you will never have the sort of certainty you would like. All this leads to no decision, and that leads to you missing out on opportunities.

Getting into Action

How to deal with this? By cutting through the overthinking with action.

There is no way to solve this without thinking. It would be best to contemplate the pros and cons and then step back from the action while getting some perspective. See the big picture, consider why or what you are doing, and then take action.

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Alternatively, you could take your time thinking before making the decision. Possibly talk to other people or do a quick research and then take action.

How to decide when there is no specific answer, you have to pick something that would seem reasonable on limited information. You can improve your mental prospects with experience.

Is your decision based on fear or instant gratification, or maybe a desire?

Those do not lead to great long term outcomes. It would be best to look at things with long term outcomes and benefits. Does it benefit you and the ones you love and care about?

Weight the probable benefits with the probable costs!

Make a small decision that will be easier, and take action? It might give you more knowledge that helps with significantly bigger decisions.

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The real benefit is preparing taking action without getting caught up in indecision and inaction. Try cut through doubts and fears.

The common reason of all for being indecisive is fear of failure. Making a decision means you could be wrong, And nobody likes to be incorrect. Being decisive can be very intimidating.

Anxiety-prone personalities have some strengths and some weaknesses when it comes to making a decision. When you understand the thinking processes involved, you can bypass potential traps, own your strengths to make better choices, and feel more confident.

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