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Crying Is Not an Indication of Weakness – It’s a Sign of Emotional Intelligence

No matter how strong you are, there are times when you feel like crying your eyes out. It might be hard for you to hold back your tears, but crying doesn’t mean you’re weak. Everyone cries; it is something normal for all human beings.

Some people believe that people who cry can’t control their emotions and that it makes people immature. Yet that is inaccurate. Those who cry are emotionally intelligent because they can face their emotions. 

If you don’t express your emotions adequately, they will build up within you over time, leading to stress and even depression. The ability to feel things is healthy. 

Failure to acknowledge emotions will bring you a life filled with negativity. 

Crying is a part of the moving on process. It is how we know that we are facing our emotions instead of running away from them. Crying offers us various benefits such as stress reduction and a soothing effect on our mind. 

Apparently, there are many health benefits attached to emotional tears. According to Dr. William Frey from the Ramsey Medical Center in Minneapolis, reflex tears consist of 98% water, while emotional tears consist of stress hormones that leave the body when one cries.

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Crying also enhances the production of endorphins. The most interesting fact is, humans beings are the only known animal to produce emotional tears. Crocodiles and other mammals shed reflex tears.

Did you know there’re three types of tears?

Basal tears; are discharged continuously in tiny portions to lubricate the cornea to keep it clear of dust.
Emotional tears; when we are overwhelmed with emotions.
Reflex tears; are the eye’s response to irritants such as wind, onions, dust, pollen, etc.

Shedding emotional tears is said to heal your heart and soul. Dr. Judith Orloff says that her heart goes out to patients who excuse themselves for crying. She believes that it’s due to the various ideologies instilled by parents and society. 

People should have enough strength to cry. Those are the people who impress Dr. Judith Orloff, not those who put up some macho front of faux-bravado.

Outdated ideas about crying, should be eradicated. Crying is a good and healthy act. It helps every one to get rid of stress and sadness. 

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You would think a person who laughs a lot is happy, just as you would think a person crying a lot is depressed. Well, that is not correct. 

Some people who have depression may find themselves frequently crying for no apparent reason. Crying spells can be a symptom of postpartum depression, which can occur in a woman after giving birth.

Some people will use humour as a coping mechanism.

Tears respond to strong emotions you could be experiencing from pain, sadness, stress, pleasure, anger. Psychic tears contain a natural painkiller, termed leucine enkephalin. That may be why you might feel better after a good cry!

Never stop yourself from crying and expressing your emotions, as it might help you in more ways you can possibly think. 

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