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Free Food Forest For Atlanta Locals To Be Developed

Atlanta’s City Council has voted in favor of changing all 7.1 acres of vacant space just south of Lakewood Browns Mill community, where a third of the population lives just below the poverty line. It will become the state of Georgia’s first food forest. Atlanta is not the only city with food convenience issues, yet in Atlanta, it is a pressing crisis.

The land was supposed to be for the development of townhouses, which never took place. Now after a unanimous vote, the plans are set to go ahead for the food forest.

It is incredibly inspiring as this could be the country’s largest FREE food forest.

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The project dubbed The Urban Food Forest will have loads to offer, and the Free food will be available to local residents, free of charge, all it will cost them is some sweat.

Effectively it will be like a park with a significant plus side. The landscape will be designed for plenty of gathering spaces as well as walking trails. It will house planter boxes for squash, tomatoes, to name a few. The goal is to grow the fresh produce in an accessible way.

At the end of the project, you would be able to eat from more than 100 different fruit and nut trees, shrubs, and bushes free of charge.

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It is unlikely that they will feed everyone, but given the size, it is going to produce an impressive amount of fruit and vegetables.

The hidden expense is the workforce. Staffing will be required to help maintain and educate students and volunteers. More than 1000 volunteers have come forward.

Everyone is welcome to come and harvest what they like on the landscape.

The Department of Parks and Recreation will be supervising the entire property and trees, to ensure 85 percent of Atlanta’s residents are within a half-mile of fresh food by 2021.

The plan for the future is to copy and paste this approach throughout Atlanta. Hopefully, it works out, and the rest of the world could follow suit.

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