Cosmic Marriage; Why Many Traditional Marriages Fail


Humanity is undergoing a profound change.

We are no longer living mechanical lives, taking things as they are, accepting the status quo, and going through the motion of life without question. Going to school, getting a job, getting married, having kids – we are no longer doing all these things just because it’s what we are supposed to do. We are shifting towards something deeper, something much more meaningful.

We are beginning to question our reality for the first time, we are beginning to question why we do the things we do, and we are slowly learning to take back control over our decisions. We are stepping into our true power, and learning to create authentic lives, learning to chase our dreams and meet our own true needs. We are learning to live as we are, not as the world would want us to be. We are healing our minds, our hearts and reconnecting to who we truly are. We are stepping outside the boundaries of what was always considered normal, and we are learning to create our world. We are learning to make our own choices.

As a result, our relationships with each other are changing. Immensely so.
We are, for the first time, able to see one another, as we truly are. We no longer see just the masks that we wear in public. We are no longer looking only at the physical appearance, the name, the status, the job, the religion, the personality, the choices that we’ve made along the way, or the identity that we’ve created for ourselves in this world. We are instead learning to look deeper. Much deeper. We are learning to look at each other’s souls, in full vulnerability.

Our relationships are becoming more authentic as a result.People desire intimacy, genuine soul to soul connection, absolute transparency, proper safety with another being. The act of coming together as two is turning into a genuinely sacred act. Getting married is no longer just a very expensive ceremony, it’s no longer about institutional contracts or age-old rituals. Getting married is now turning into a genuinely spiritual gesture, an intimate commitment between two souls – a cosmic marriage, that supersedes all physical things. A divine connection between the essence of two beings bound by the forces of the universe.

These are the connections that are healing our souls, healing our hearts, our minds and bodies. These are the connections that are teaching us how to truly live authentically, in full honesty and vulnerability with one another; the connections that are teaching us how to truly love; how to create healthy families and birth a new generation of authentic soulful children, who in turn will know how to love – better than we do. These are the connections that are healing our world, and our planet needs them now more than ever.

It is our time, to come together, as we were always meant to, and heal our world.

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