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Conscious Communication – Establishing Healthy Relationships and Resolving Conflict

It might be difficult to communicate your thoughts and feelings to those you love and are close to. But if you succeed in communicating with them successfully, you can achieve a higher level of intimacy. When you can share and understand effectively, you feel as if you are cared for and are safe. 

Emotional well-being flows when you communicate clearly what you want in life. This isn’t a natural gift but is a learnable skill. Some people are not adept at expressing their needs because they learned from not proficient people.

It is important to communicate consciously in order to be clear and express the intention behind our words. Conscious communication is for everyone. It is a necessary skill used to build up healthy relationships with family members, friends, and partners. By becoming a conscious communicator, you can avoid drama and conflict. You become more understanding, sharing, and intimate with the people you love. 

Conscious communication is useful in a business environment as well because it enables you to express yourself confidently and clearly. You will attract people towards you and have successful relationships if you communicate consciously. Communicating consciously is a purposeful act. You are aware of the other person you are communicating with, fully present in the moment.

Small actions such as finding common ground and managing your emotions and accepting that are, also knowing your limits indicate that you care about them as a person. You’re making a genuine effort to connect with them, which will help you build mutual respect.

Although communication is a two-way process that needs an active and conscious speaker as well as a listener, a conscious speaker should think about why he/she is communicating, communicate to connect, speak to make things better, speak so people will understand, notice body language, notice the sound of the voice and relate his/her emotions as well as thoughts. 

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A conscious listener should listen with presence without interrupting, watch the speaker’s body language, listen to understand and listen without defending. A dialogue between a conscious listener and a conscious speaker will flow smoothly. But it does take effort, concentration, active and conscious participation.

It is essential to have appreciation and gratitude for the people in your life.

People that enter your world offer you a mirror into the innermost depths of you. At the end of the day, your intimate connections with others are what you will treasure. As you begin to relate to others, you will learn more about yourself and humanity. Treat people as the gift that they are. As you appreciate others with gratitude, you will give yourself the gift of love.

Simple steps that help you begin your journey on the path to becoming a master of conscious communication:

  • Recognize the event or events that triggered your emotional upset.
  • Take responsibility for your feelings by choosing the words that express the sensation you are experiencing.
  • Recognize what you need that you are not receiving; as adults, we subconsciously expect others to know what we need.
  • Request what you want and be specific. Express needs in the form of a request, not a demand.

Although this process doesn’t ensure that you’ll always get your needs met, it will essentially increase the possibility that you’ll spend more time feeling comfortable and at ease and less time in emotional distress.

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