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Breaking Karmic Cycles And Negative Cycles

Karma can be seen as the cosmic law of justice, where what goes around comes back around. It distinguishes right from wrong and moral from immoral behavior. According to spiritual traditions, karma is something that will affect you in this lifetime as well as in future lifetimes.

Let us focus on this lifetime because we exist in the present moment.

Every moment of your day, you emit energy. Through intentions, thoughts, actions, and interpretations, you create your own sense of the world. As you do this, you create your karma.

Therefore you need to realize is that you won’t remain the same as you gather experiences and wisdom throughout your life and develop self-consciousness. 

To get rid of your karma, you need to be aware of your ego, past actions, behaviors, and intentions. This awareness allows you the free choice of taking the path to a new destiny. 

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The first step in removing karma is awareness. Without the awareness of your thoughts, actions, and feelings, you will continue making free choices that are deeply influenced by the same feelings. It is hard for a person to evolve if he/she is unconscious. Karma consists of the things a person does that causes harm to their sentient consciousness. Therefore it is clear to say that we are our own worst enemies. 

Even people considered ‘good’ have karma because even though you’re not harming someone else, you’re harming yourself somehow. It could be through a thinking pattern or feeling pattern. The ignorance rooted in your fears doesn’t allow you to feel secure and whole.

You need to acknowledge the truth of what is dividing you inside. 

Understand that karma is not just related to bad deeds. It focuses on how you perceive and feel about yourself. It is nothing more than ingrained attitudes that are holding you back. 

Be aware of the karmic cycle of how your choices reinforce the behavioral patterns that serve or hold you back and how your predetermined patterns of behaviors influence your choices. 

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Realize that the way you handle predicaments that originate outside your responsibility affects your karma. Don’t let your thoughts, emotions, and circumstances hold you back from initiating positive change in your life. 

Don’t just focus on what others do to you; also focus on what you do to yourself. How people treat you is their karma and how you react is your karma.

When we are talking about ‘ending’ karma, we are actually talking about releasing negativity and getting out of old patterns of energy. It does not mean that your karma ends or that you will stop experiencing cycles of energy. Instead, it means that negative energy will no longer have the same hold over you as it has in the past.

Strategies to help you get rid of your bad karma:

  • Identify your karma. 
  • Sever toxic ties. 
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Resist your weaknesses.
  • Take action.
  • Forgive people.

Keep in mind that positive energy creates positive karma. Negative energy creates negative karma. On that note, keep moving forward in life by embracing your karma and letting it guide you. 

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