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Brainwashing: Signs That You Are Being Brainwashed – Without Realizing It

As soon as you hear the word ‘brainwashing,’ the first thing that pops into your mind might be aliens. The true definition of brainwashing is a theory about how an individual’s core beliefs, values, and ideas can be replaced, making it hard to think critically or independently. 

It is easy to brainwash vulnerable individuals, especially those who have lost a loved one or those suffering from a severe illness. Brainwashing includes finding out your strengths, weaknesses, and whom you trust. Then that information is used to manipulate you.

Below are the five steps of brainwashing someone.

1. Isolation 

This is the first step of brainwashing a person is to isolate an individual because having family and friends around is too risky. They don’t want others to question your new beliefs and opinions. You will be isolated by not permitting access to family members and friends. Continuously checking on someone, where they are, and who they are with.

2. Attacks on self-esteem

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It is an easy task to brainwash a person when they are in a vulnerable state and have low self-esteem. A broken person can be rebuilt using the brainwasher’s beliefs. A victim’s self-esteem can be broken down through sleep deprivation, verbal abuse, physical abuse, intimidation, or embarrassment. Brainwashers try to control every single part of a victim’s life, from their food to the time they sleep.

3. Us vs. Them

To rebuild a person in a different image, a new lifestyle that is way more attractive than the current one has to be introduced. This is accomplished through the victim interacting with other brainwashed individuals. Since it is human nature to be a part of a larger group, the brainwasher tries to persuade the victim to think that they are leading an elite group that everyone is dying to be a part of. The one being brainwashed might even be given a new name. 

4. Blind obedience 

The main objective of brainwashing is to acquire blind obedience to a level where the victims follow orders without questioning them. This sort of blind obedience is achieved using positive rewards and negative punishments. The victim is positively rewarded when he or she pleases the brainwasher. Negative punishments are used when the victim displeases the brainwasher. These so-called manipulators also use chanting to control victims since repeating a phrase calms the brain. 

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5. Testing

Testing is a way to ensure that the brainwasher’s job is done. By testing a victim, the brainwasher can determine the level of control they have over the victim. Tests such as conducting a criminal act can be used to test a victim. Testing is also used to make sure that the brainwashed person hasn’t regained control and is thinking for themselves.

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