Birthing Creativity Through the Pressures of Change

Birthing Creativity Through the Pressures of Change

- in Life


That uncomfortable moment between incubating ideas, feeling isolated and alone…
And launching your most passionate visions as real projects in the World & connecting with Amazing People Everywhere.

I believe life is pushing us through the eye of a needle…
This isn’t just some normal time in the history books, another day, business as usual.

That pressure you feel everyday, the energy of loving yet forceful change, ever-present…
The one that reminds you to surrender and feel free, but also demands your to be decisive in what you want.
It seems to constantly linger and be forever course-correcting in nature.

The one that asks you to be structured, focused and fully 111% committed in your focus and clarity…
That’s also the same force that demands you to be fully embodied in your artist, surrender, timeless, absolute being.

How does one then experience the full release and relaxation into the flow of life…
While informing, guiding and merging seemingly required intention into that flow?

How do we practice being Grand Architects of the Creative Force both with grace, precision and accountability?
While not buckling under the weight, sabotage, distractions, detours and confusion.

The Earth & our Higher-Selves ever-listening give us the opportunity to pose pertinently positive questions:
– What’s working in my life? How do I amplify this?
– What is it I really, truly desire and want?
– How do my actions reaffirm and ground my desires?
– How is my outer reflecting my inner-reality?
– How honest can I be with where I have room to grow and learn?

At this time, you may be doing a lot, even with other people, in a seemingly alone way.
At least this is present for me and a few others I know.

How does one feel so passionate to serve the unifying consciousness while feeling so alone in their own interpersonal struggles?
I imagine your struggles are an amalgamation of health, money, relationship struggles, communication, bad habits and overall getting in your own fucking way.

How’s your integrity with yourself doing? Maybe lets start there.
Do you keep your promises to yourself? Your agreements and commitments? Do you do what you say you are going to do?
(Psst…The Universe is reflecting to you the relationship you have to yourself.)

The truth is you are so far from alone…
The World is waking up, profoundly!
In little ways, I personally never expected, but are surmounting to major changes.

Billions of people are coming online seeking information, wisdom & Truth.
This is real change. Singularity. Ascension.

About 5 years ago I did a large festival tour, visiting people & communities who I thought were spearheading and being the change. I learned a lot about myself and I learned a lot about what was happening in the World from being so involved.

I also learned I hadn’t really, truly developed my own thing. And that to represent myself and my visions properly I needed to be more developed and really have a foundation to stand upon. At least, that was my story…

So here I am many years later…
Not only have my intentions fully manifested, but my visions of greatness grew as I did.

They don’t always tell you that when learning the art of manifestation.
That to manifest your dreams, you will have to become the person that manifests those dreams. But once you become that person, you are going to have new dreams of the next level person you will become.

Or maybe you aren’t feeling so ambitious. You are just wanting to give up and say “Fuck It!”
It’s too hard to keep up, too hard to learn such new things..
You don’t want to spend a lifetime digging up the turbulence of the past and integrating it.

You just want to live! To be free! To play on the daily, eat good food with your community, dance for days on end and live your most vital, vibrant life. Careless, child-like, effortless and free.

Yet you also know traveling & wandering without purpose is deeply unsatisfying.
Plus, you don’t have to go very far to be constantly confronted with both the beauty and the pain of the World.
You can’t deny how much needs to change & how it feels like you have some responsibility.

How does one then liberate the self to ultimate expression while balancing this visceral real-World mirror?
This is the time where we make ends-meet.
This is the time we collapse the paradox and make seeming opposites work together.

This is the time where we unify our Spiritual flow with a real-World Go.
Where we step us a leaders and practice the rally call, and call upon the support and balance we need to not burn out.

We can’t be another generation of subservience…even if Netflix is that entertaining.
I’ve always wanted to play guitar, and I hold this secret shame that I haven’t just taken the time to learn it. Seemed fitting to mention this.

It doesn’t serve you to beat yourself up. It also doesn’t serve you to bypass this pressure and energy of change, just because it’s uncomfortable.

How uncomfortable can you be?

Every time we ascend to a higher-level, things get uncomfortable & uneasy. We simply have more energy to work with, and the responsibility of that higher-consciousness can easily cause us to return to old, lower-vibrational states.

The moment we lift ourselves up, it’s easy to find a means to bring ourselves back down.
Truthfully, I think this is natural.

That said, I want to inspire you to create a new way.
A new way of being living, growing, working, creating and sharing yourself.

Personally, for me in the last two years I’ve incubated a lot and launched a lot into the World. Impacted the lives of millions, and feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.

Now, I’m on the horizon of the next wave, and seeking support.
I need help & support, and I am willing to really let that in and admit that in a bigger way.
Can I support you? Will you support me?

They say when building a start-up you can’t do it alone, but you also have to keep it lean.
The right kind of people for the exact right kind of purpose.

Lean purpose living and carefully crafting the proximity of your interactions, so that your entire reality is uplifting and supporting you. As you craft that, you have to really open up to receive it.

I’ll admit, I feel a bit tired, slightly burnt out and at times a wonder how much more I have in me to continue on, and I’m still so young! Can you relate?

But then I return to my purpose, lying in bed late at night when I integrate the discomfort of life.
I assess my needs and get back on track, each day with passion.

In the very near future you are going to see a lot more of me.
So stay tuned…and I hope the same goes for yourself, I want to see a lot more of you.

So much of what I’ve been crafting, Creator Course & more Amateo Ra Ra goodness is on the way. I’ve been building so much, I have so much I want to share with you, and it’s taken such patience to be so quiet.

Until I can be loud and make a lot of noise.
Let’s do that. Boldly be so lovingly & bright it penetrates all layers and levels of all of our lower-selves and lifts us up, each one of us, bit by bit into a reality that will be created…
By you..your passions, your ignitions, your desires, your imagination.

If you can be as passionate in your prayers for what you desire, as you are in your dramas, frustrations, problems, angers and challenges, and you commit to what’s good and live there, your life will become something anew.

Managing all the abundant good that’s present…
Managing with Mastery the overflowing yet rare abundance of beauty ever-flowing.

Novelty is birthed through the spaciousness of our perception in welcoming what’s good.
So, what’s new?

Thank you to Amateora for this article.


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About the authorAmateo Ra is a Conscious Entrepreneur & Business Coach, supporting others build thriving brands & products to support humanity ascend to higher levels of existence. Amateo is also the founder of Creator Course, an Online School & Publisher for Conscious Living which is currently being built.

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