Bioresonance Therapy – Can Heal You

Bioresonance Therapy – Can Heal You

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Today I came across a lady that had been treated for her Allergies by Bioresonance therapy. She no longer suffers from her dust allergy. That is amazing and intrigued me as a lot of us suffer with some sort of allergy or other. Hence the reason for my interest in the way it works.

What is Bioresonance therapy – Bioresonance has been has been used as complementary therapy since about 40 years. Traditional approaches had good results but lacked a working model that was acceptable to established science and was also not able to demonstrate any working energies with conventional measuring devices.

The Bioresonance-LaesEr works with the latest but nevertheless conventional measuring technology to read electrical signals from the body of the client, amplifies them and optionally inverts or modulates them with secondary information or frequencies and sends them back to the client’s body. The involved processes are measurable at any point and energies that are fed back are sensible. It is no longer necessary to use unproven and unverifiable concept like “subtle energies” to explain the working mechanism.

Bioresonance-LaesEr has useful additions, so for more information and testimonials go to :

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