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You Are Going To Be Okay Even though You Are Completely Alone

When dealing with loss, you will feel that you cannot do it on your own. You think you need friends and family to help you cope. Yet you ...
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Hugging is the most beautiful form of communication

Health & Alt Life
Hugging, the most incredible forms of contact that one could give each other. Hugging benefits include – Therapeutic, calming, natural pain killer and stimulating multiple good feeling glands ...
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DIY – Past Life Regression

Do you believe in past lives on earth? Experienced Deja vu, a feeling of familiarity, a sense of being at a place before? Met someone and felt you ...
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Signs Of A Soulmate

Life Spirituality
During our lifetime we encounter different types of Soulmates. Everyone has their own version of a Soulmate. “The minute I heard my first love story I started looking ...
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6,000 Years Ago The Sahara Desert Was Green And Rainy

Life Science
The Sahara Desert was a lush tropical grassland as little as 6,000 years ago – what happened? How did this vegetated area, which received plentiful rain, become some ...
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Plants That Help Bring Positive Energy And Good Fortune Into Homes

Health & Alt
Plants are used to decorate and liven up our homes and garden. They are also known to purify the air. Placed in the right area, they have significant ...
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There Are Two Types of Time Travel… Physicists Agree at Least One of Them Is Possible!

Professors of physics and mathematics have different opinions on time travel. The opinions vary but the common denominator is that it is very possible to travel to the ...
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Signs You Are Being Watched By Your Guardian Angel

Life Spirituality
It is the common belief that at birth we are all blessed with a Guardian Angel who guides us and takes care of us throughout our lives. You might ...
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6 Ways To Raise The Vibration Of Your Home

Health & Alt Life Spirituality
Ever walked into your home and felt the energy is heavy, you don’t want to be there, even the thought of going home makes you anxious. When your ...
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