Are You In A “Fake” Relationship?

Are You In A “Fake” Relationship?

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Are you in a relationship, or are you in an entanglement?

A relationship is one in which both people are free to be themselves, yet there is no shortage of intimacy. No fear that doing what you love or being who you are or taking time for yourself will drive the other person away.

In a relationship, neither person needs the other to “complete” them. Both people are awake to themselves, their feelings and thoughts, and are open to the flow of love and attention with one another.

It’s about two equals celebrating together rather than “needing” something from the other.

In short, a relationship like this is one where both people are in harmony. And that’s exactly what it feels like: in tune, relaxed, and just plain fun.

Entanglements, on the other hand, look and feel very different.

Signs You’re In An Entanglement

Entanglements may look like a relationship on the surface. You might spend a lot of time together, you’ve met each other’s friends and family, and people refer to you as a “couple.”

But you’re not having a real relationship – at least not one that is characterized by love and harmony.

Here’s what entanglements masquerading as real relationships look like:

  1. You keep having the same issues
    When you find yourself having the same old argument with your partner for the umpteenth time, that’s a pretty good sign you’re likely in an entanglement. If you had the same problem in your previous relationships, or keep picking partners with similar issues, that’s a tip-off, too. Patterns that repeat – especially from relationship to relationship – indicate that you have unresolved feelings from the past, creating a destructive dynamic that keeps you from enjoying harmony.
  2. You don’t feel safe or understood
    One of the clearest signs of entanglement is that it is hard for one person to let the other person feel his or her feelings and tell the truth about them. Entanglements feel like you have to shut down a part of yourself. If you’re feeling like your partner just doesn’t get you, and that you’re not free to say exactly what’s on your mind, you know you’re not in a real relationship.
  3. Someone always needs to be right
    In a real relationship, each person is “awake” to his or her role in a problem, and the priority for both is relationship growth. Entanglements are characterized by power struggles. Both people are vying for the title of victim, thus making the other the perpetrator. Nobody ever wins.
  4. It’s just so hard
    If you’re feeling drained with your partner, you’re likely caught up in an entanglement. In a harmonious relationship, both people take responsibility for any issues that arise, and they come up with creative solutions that further add to the positive feelings they share.

What To Do If You’re In An Entanglement: 2 Steps

So what if you have the terrible feeling that you’re in an entanglement right now, or that you’ve been in entanglements before?

Relax, it’s completely normal. Most people have been in an entanglement, and a lot of them have been in many.

We all come to relationships with unresolved issues from our past, and we naturally look to our partners to make us feel good about ourselves. And so it’s always a surprise when we finally think we’ve found love, only to experience pain and frustration.

The problem often isn’t that we’ve chosen the wrong partner, it’s that we’re not looking at the root cause of our disenchantment. So, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Identify that you’re in an entanglement

Knowing whether you’re in a pattern of entanglement is key to resolving it once and for all. Otherwise, there’s a “blind spot” that keeps you from moving forward, and you’re doomed to keep repeating the pain and struggle.

Step 2: End the entanglement or transform it into a real relationship

Once you know you’re dealing with an entanglement, you can harness all that energy you’ve been spending on conflict, and instead use it to come up with creative solutions. You can transform the entanglement into a real relationship, or you can end the entanglement with peace of mind, armed with the tools you need to create love and harmony in the future.

Transform Your Relationship Now And Get Real Love

Our eBook, Hearts in Harmony, will guide you through both these steps. You’ll be able to determine whether you are in an entanglement – a “fake” relationship that will ultimately deny you of the love, joy, and connection that are abundant in a harmonious relationship.

You’ll also understand why your previous relationships have played out the way they did, and get a clear vision of how to stop negative patterns from repeating.

We’ll teach you the very same tools and techniques we’ve used in our own 30+ year marriage to keep the flow of love and connection alive, so you can move from the pain of entanglement to the limitless pleasure of harmonious relationships.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you keep repeating the same patterns in your love life, and how to finally dismantle them so you can enjoy all the love that is waiting for you
  • How and why the experience of being in love can trigger fear and anxiety within you
  • Why your relationship was so good at the beginning (if you think he has changed, and you don’t know what to do, this is for you)
  • What to do if you think you made a mistake and might have chosen the wrong partner (and why you’ll keep repeating the pattern with a new person)
  • How to resolve the most common relationship issues involving sex and money

These are the same insights and methods we’ve also taught to the thousands of couples we’ve counseled in our office, at our live seminars, and even on Oprah.

We’ve seen thousands of couples make the change – people in entanglements transforming into partners in harmony. We look forward to guiding you on your journey, so order your ebook now.

Thanks to heartsintrueharmony for this article.

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