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Are They Really Your Friend – 10 Signs That Suggest Otherwise 

Throughout life, we come across fake friends. They pretend to have all your best interests at heart, but it is merely an act. 

Most times, fake friends do not feel good about themselves. Therefore, they lie about their accomplishments, grades, and many other things, to make themselves look and feel better. Should they lie about themselves, they will also lie to you and about you.

Here are the signs that are going to help you spot a fake friend.

1. They call when they need something 

The effort in a friendship has to be equal for it to succeed. But if you’re putting in so much effort and getting nothing in return, you have to rethink why you are friends with that particular person.

2. The conversation is never equal 

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This so-called friend requires so much focus and neglects your problems. You never get to talk about your problems because they don’t want the attention to shift to your side.

3. They belittle and make fun of you in front of others

People do this when they feel bad about themselves. So they use someone else as a distraction. If you ever come across a friend like this, get rid of them immediately.

4. You feel terrible about yourself after spending time with them

The whole purpose of having a friend is so that they could have your back and make you feel good. Friends are supposed to uplift your spirits. But if your friend leaves you feeling like you’re nothing, then you have to realize that they are not a true friend.

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5. They are aggressively competitive 

Fake friends turn everything into a competition. Although a bit of competition is healthy, being overly competitive is a characteristic of a toxic friend. It is unhealthy to be in a friendship with a person like this.

6. They are not genuinely happy for you when good things happen to you 

A friend who doesn’t want to see you happy and succeed in life is a fake friend. These sort of friends are jealous of your success.

7. They bring drama into your life

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A friend who isn’t true will surely bring chaos into your life. Fake friends love creating drama. What you should realize is that you should not have to deal with this sort of negativity.

8. They bitch and talk about you behind your back

Fake friends are two-faced. They speak good about you when you are around, but as soon as you’re gone, they start talking nonsense about you. Trust is the foundation of a friendship, and where there is no trust, there is no friendship. So don’t waste your time trying to maintain a friendship with someone who you can’t even trust.

9. Your friendship feels like it’s built on conditions

Friendships shouldn’t be conditional. You shouldn’t have to act in a certain way and pretend to be someone else. 

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10. Your friends’ bail on you 

If you cannot rely on your friend to be there during hard times, then they are not real friends. Fake friends constantly bail on you. Get rid of friends you can’t rely on. Think of it as your chance to permanently bail on them. 

How to Deal With Fake Friends

  • A good thing to do is to have a chat with them.
  • Fake friends can take a toll on you emotionally, therefore get a grip emotionally and deal with things immediately.
  • Move on but stay authentic and true to yourself.
  • Avoid Drama.

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