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April’s New & Full Moons Brings a Burst of Powerful Energies

The New Moon on the 5th of April is taking place in Aries, which is a fire sign and represents action. With the New Moon falling in Aries this would be a perfect time to start something new.

If you have a wish that you wanted to do for some time, then this New Moon would be a great time to put it into action.

The month of March may have had some negative connotations due to Mercury retrograde. April brings us back into action.

Aries will give you courage and help you get into action. All you have to do is believe in yourself and act on your goals!

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Don’t let the vibrant energy that Aries brings go to waste. Aries energy can get bored quickly, so make sure that you are not directing your energy into something repetitive and boring.

Aries sign is also known to get frustrated and short-tempered, don’t let it consume you. Relax and take a few deep breaths. Try not to focus on something for too long, or you might lose your concentration.

It feels like just the other day when we had March’s Full Worm Moon and now April’s New Moon on the 5th and a full Moon on the 19th April Full Pink Moon, also referred to as the Flower Moon, after flowers that grow in the U.S and Canada in Sprint.

March’s Full Moon took place in Libra making this the second full moon. What we were faced with during the March Full Moon will come to pass again in the April Full Moon. What was left unresolved in March will get its final resolution in April’s Full Moon.

April’s 19th Full Moon falls in the sign of Libra, which is the time for us to come together. It is the time for understanding and making adjustments with issues in our relationships, as well as letting go of negative people in our lives.

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Libra wants peace and harmony with family and friends and will strive to bring it together.

There will be a lot of new energies coming your way. Channel it well, believe in yourself, stay focused and make things happen for you.

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