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Am I a Starseed

A Starseed is considered as an advanced spiritual being, a soul traveling from another planet. They are born on Earth to inspire and heal other human beings. 

Star people, also known as starseeds, as well as indigo children. It is a New Age belief and fringe theory that Brad Steiger introduced in his 1976 book Gods of Aquarius. It argues that certain people originated as extraterrestrials and arrived on Earth through birth or walk-in to an existing human body.

Their purpose is to bring light and knowledge to uplift humans. But once they come to Earth, they forget their true origins and their mission. It is only when they awaken that they realize their true purpose.

Starseed markings can be determined by studying birth charts and carefully study their personality traits, including their unique strengths and weaknesses in their interactions with this world.

Following are the signs that you’re a Starseed.

1. Knowing or Recognition

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If you felt like you needed to know more when you came across the word ‘Starseed’, then the chances are that you are one. 

2. You’re constantly gazing at the stars

A great sign of a Starseed is that he or she feels a sense of belongingness when looking at the night sky. You feel as if your Soul is connected to the stars. 

3. You are always looking at things more deeply 

A Starseed always wonders why things are the way they are. If you’re a wisdom seeker, then you are definitely a Starseed.

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4. You feel like you don’t belong 

Starseeds have a hard time fitting in, and they feel as if they’re not normal. You feel comfortable in your own company. 

5. You have a feeling that you want to go home

No place feels like home to you. You always feel as if your actual home is far away from where you are. 

6. You’re very intuitive and psychic 

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Starseeds are very intuitive, especially when it comes to making judgments about people. You feel this deep sense of knowing, which is useful when making good decisions.

7. You’re extremely empathic

You feel everyone and everything to the point that it can be overwhelming at times. This encourages you to stay away from situations with huge crowds.

8. Babies and animals are drawn to you 

Even if you’re not fond of animals and babies, they gravitate towards you all the time.

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9. You’re spiritual 

A Starseed is not someone who goes for organized religion. But Starseeds are in a spiritual quest to learn more about divinity, other realms, the universe, and the cosmos.

10. You don’t have time for pettiness 

You are bothered by people who get upset over futile things in life. Starseeds also feel that the things people are interested in are mundane. This can lead people to believe that you’re aloof. 

11. You love being of service to people 

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Helping people is something you find yourself doing most of the time, after all, it is the reason why you’re here. Although it may not always be in your best interest as you may find you are being taken advantage of by people

Starseeds are empathic, and when they have activated their powers, it allows them to step into their soul purpose to do something about worldly problems.

Trust your intuition which you can do through dreams, near-death experiences, and other life-changing experiences.

You are called to cast the programming that you’ve been taught here, deal with trauma and loss in your life so you can get on the path of your Soul’s growth. Sounds overwhelming, right? 

Well, change starts by making a positive impact on people, and it all starts with one person helping others.

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Just because you’re a Starseed or have a clue that you may be one does not mean that your purpose will be awakened. You have to choose to allow it to happen by trusting the process. 

Does this relate to you? Are you a Starseed? 

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