According To The Conclusions Of Scientists, Our Soul Does Not Die, But It Goes Back To The Universe!


Perhaps the consciousness of humans is like a program which is run by the quantum found in our brains. The human brain is similar to a “biological computer.” But, that is not all – after a person dies, their soul is maybe coming back to the Universe, and it may not die as well.

One American physicist named Dr. Stuart Hameroff, and a mathematical physicist named Sir Roger Penrose claim that our soul is maintained in the micro – tubules of the cells our brain. They refer to this purpose which is known as “Orch-OR” or “Orchestrated Objective Reduction.” Apparently, when a person is “clinically dead,” the microtubules in that person’s brain start losing their quantum state. However, those microtubules can still retain the information which is inside of them.

In addition, this theory has also been recently outlined on Through the Wormhole that is the Science Channel’s ongoing documentary show. In that documentary show, Dr. Stuart explains that in cases when the blood stops flowing and the heart stops beating, the microtubules can lose their quantum state. One of the things which is important to understand is that the quantum information in the microtubules can actually not be destroyed and it also dissipates and distributes to the Universe at large.

In cases when the patient is resuscitated or revived, this quantum information can go back into the microtubules. So, there were cases when patients say that they had a near death experience. However, in cases when the patient was not revived, and he/she die, then this quantum information may exist indefinitely outside the body and soul of the person.

According to Dr. Stuart, the soul of humans is actually much more than mere neuron “interaction” in our brain. Furthermore, this theory also suggests that these “souls” may have existed since the beginning of time itself. Also, with all of the findings from recently which pertain to dark matter and dark energy, i.e., substances which human beings do not have the ability to interact with or see, but substances which we know that exist, this theory may also end up explaining things, which will be even more fascinating and mysterious as well.

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