A Soulmate Doesn’t Complete You – A Soulmate Inspires You To Complete Yourself

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Your soulmate will not be the one to make you a better person. They will inspire you to become a better person yourself.

A true soulmate is not someone who completes you. A soulmate is someone who would inspire you to complete yourself. To achieve who you always wanted to be.

Soulmates do not judge. Soulmates don’t point fingers at you or judge your flaws. A genuine soulmate is a person who sees your weaknesses and sees the battles you have overcome. They understand your jagged edges from the life you have lived.

A soulmate is someone who stands with you through it all and supports you no matter what. Soulmates encourage you, comfort you, heal you, and support you in your own time, in every way.

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A soulmate encourages you to keep going and not to give up the fight.

A soulmate would challenge you so that you challenge yourself to see your potential that they see and would encourage you as they know precisely what you capable of.

A soulmate is not afraid of your success. Soulmates know that they, too, will grow alongside you.

Soulmates do not have that fear of losing you. Therefore they don’t feel the need to close you off from possibilities. Soulmates will motivate and inspire you to be the person you indeed are.

A soulmate supports and motivates you until you are happy, as they love you unconditionally with their heart, that it is almost impossible to doubt how competent you are of becoming precisely who you have always wanted to be.

A soulmate is someone who watches you and will confront your scars from the inside. Soulmates see your beauty from the inside and out.

Soulmates are proud to be with you, no matter what you do or where ever you are, your soulmate will be right next to you. A soulmate would be proud to show you off to their family and friends.

A soulmate will be genuinely happy and proud of you no matter what.

You will know when you have met your soulmate, as you will find the inspiration to become a better person with them.

A genuine soulmate is someone who will love you unconditionally, even more than you love yourself.

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