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A School In Spain Teachers Boys Household Chores In A Powerful Initiative Against Gender Inequality

Times have changed towards gender behavior; the battle for equality has been on the rise. However, many consider that a lot of progress is still to be made in breaking away from the old fashion belief that men should be the breadwinners and women the homemakers.

In modern times, many men still think of the woman as the homemaker, yet both genders may go out daily to work.

A school in Spain, Colegia Montecastelo, teaches its students under the slogan, “Equality is learned with actions.”

The school introduced Home Economics, which includes ironing, cleaning, sewing, cooking, bedmaking, and washing clothes.

©Colegio Montecastelo

The school’s administration was looking for ways to promote gender equality criteria, hence the project communicated via students and parents. 

The parents didn’t have any qualms about accepting the idea, and neither did the students, yet they were a bit uncomfortable when they heard about ironing and sewing.

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©Colegio Montecastelo

However, when they began implementing the tasks, their resistance disappeared as they realized that these are manageable activities that both men and women can do if they follow easy steps.

For some, it was fun, and the first time they ever held an iron.

Classes were taught voluntarily by teachers and representatives of the school campus and some of these same students’ fathers. The course teaches students, particularly boys, can build values regarding gender equality and break the stigma attached to these activities.

©Colegio Montecastelo

The school also manages classes in plumbing, carpentry, masonry, and electrical work to promote life skills. 

The coordinator of the establishment, Gabriel Bravo, said to a newspaper that the activities carried out would be useful for students to perform these tasks so that they are involved from the beginning when they have a family. It takes both parties to run a home. It is not a woman’s job to clean, wash, and iron. 

©Colegio Montecastelo

Learning Home Economics also makes males independent if they should remain single.

Let’s hope this will motivate other children and institutions to practice it.

What do you think about this initiative?

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All images credit: Colegio Montecastelo

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