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A Queen Deserves a King – Do Not Settle For Less, And Vice Versa

You have to love yourself and respect yourself to feel you are A Queen or A King. Set your boundaries, and don’t settle for less.

Many good looking attractive girls go out of their way to attract attention and vice versa. A lot of them need reassurance from the opposite sex. It takes one man that has overindulged or says the right thing to these vulnerable girls to get them into bed. They want attention, and any attention is better than none.

Yes, we all have our moments where we get insecure and need a boost to make us feel that we still attractive, yet we have love and respect for ourselves not to fall into bed just for that attention.

It takes a King, a strong man, to choose you. He can ‘like’ or ‘look’ at other women as they are all over the place, but none of them is the Queen that he wants, none of them is you.

A true Queen wants her King right next to her and won’t settle for less. Be who you are; it takes more than a great body to be that Queen. The King, which is meant for you, will open his heart and soul to you, he will communicate on another level. Here again, I would like to remind you that this works both ways.

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A Queen will not be lied to or cheated on. Should the King do that or even go that step further and touch another woman, then he is definitely not the King for you.

A cheap adventure does not compete with sharing a life with a great woman or man. It would take a god to be with a goddess. His strength is the choice he makes to be on the same page and level of understanding as his Queen. 

Know you deserve the best, never allow anyone to step over your borders morals and standards. The right person meant for you will respect that. Being together has to come naturally with the freedom to be who you are.

Don’t allow the Ego to cause fears that would interfere with your Queen or King. Be together wholeheartedly with natural freedom.

Behave like that Queen you are, feel it, know it. A true King will know that you are a true Queen. You would not need to tell him; he would know!

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The qualities to look for in a King or a Queen

They have their sh#t together.
They don’t lose their cool or control in a disagreement.
They don’t lose their cool or control when things don’t go their way.
Intimacy and connections are cherished.
Your magic is honored.

Wait for the right life partner, don’t waste time or energy on anything less than what you want. Work on yourself it’s a better investment.

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