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A Guide To Leaving The One Who Does Not Deserve You

It is hard for anyone to accept that they’re in a toxic relationship, and it is even harder to leave. But once you leave this sort of a person, you realize that it is the greatest decision you’ve ever made. 

Here are eight steps on how to leave a toxic partner. 

1. Start keeping a journal.

When you write down everything you feel, the more you will come to realize how you really feel. You’ll come to a realization of what you actually deserve in a relationship. Keeping a journal will help you to vent out.

2. Get some alone time.

After you come to a realization about your inner feelings, you need to stay away from others who influence your feelings and thoughts. So take a break and go on a vacation because distancing yourself from others before you leave a toxic partner is essential. 

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3. Ignore relationship advice from others.

Although your friends and family advise you, you need to go along with your gut feeling. Don’t let anyone else influence your thoughts and feelings.

4. Reflect and decide.

Reflect on your relationship and focus on the past. This will enable you to come to a final decision. If the negative aspects are higher than the positive ones, it’s time for you to get out of the toxic relationship. 

5. Stop rationalizing abuse.

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Don’t focus on the good memories and ignore the bad ones. It is in your nature to excuse your partner’s actions and convince yourself that your partner still loves you. Stop rationalizing their abuse and taking the blame for their mistakes. Their toxicity is not your fault.

6. Find the strength inside you.

Once you decide to leave, your partner will try to stop you from doing so. Be strong emotionally; don’t let them manipulate you into staying. Please don’t fall for their tempting empty promises. 

7. Don’t force yourself.

Don’t rush; take time to prepare yourself. It’s best if you went through with it only when you’re ready to move on.

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8. Plan and create the future you want.

Make a plan about how you visualize your future. Do this before you leave. Once you have envisioned your future, then you won’t regret your decision to leave. So take a step forward to build the future you want.

Steps to help you let go:

  1. Loving yourself is a perfect way to start letting go.

2. Surround yourself with family and friends whose company you enjoy, and that makes you happy.

3. Take time for yourself. You could meditate if it helps you to switch off and find answers within.

4. Keep busy. Do things you enjoy, like a hobby.

5. Plan a trip away alone to get in touch with yourself and your inner feelings.

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6. Don’t allow fear to control you.

7. You can only leave when you are ready or you will have regrets and always think… what if!? if only!?

When a relationship ends, it is not easy, but you should use your time wisely. Don’t allow yourself to become bored and lonely; therefore, keep busy, so you don’t become regretful and drown in your negative thoughts.

Does your mood and happiness depend on others?

Happiness comes from within, do not allow your happiness to come from others, as you are responsible for your own happiness. You are the creator of your reality. 

Don’t become needy or attached. Codependent attachments can cause problems in a relationship, and when you become overly attached, then you become needy.

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