8 Ways Being An Empath Can Help You In Life And Love


People often associate empaths as a person that spends lots of time crying and an emotional wreck. Why is it considered a weakness to have empathy and cry?

Below are a few benefits of being in tune with your emotions.

1. You are incredibly self-aware and highly sensitive when it comes to the world. You are in tune with your emotions and feelings in ways that others are not. You are willing to look at things inside and as well as outside of yourself. It allows you to be aware of what triggers you as well as your flaws, enabling you to grow infinitely.

2. Your intuition is exceptionally accurate. You seem to know the best things for you to do. You may not follow it all the time, yet you know. You are not a mind reader, yet you can take action in your own life. You know when to let go of things or if a person is a good person or not. The challenge is to listen to your intuition.

3. Being highly empathic, you often take on other people’s problems and emotions. It helps if you learned how to set boundaries. You usually get a deep sense of what they are feeling as it would help you understand what they are going through, but no need to hang on to their problems or emotions as it will affect you emotionally and physically.

4. You inherently live in the moment most of the time, as your senses are strongly stimulated. You’re a good listener and pay attention to details because you are so tuned in. You can wander off into the clouds, but often you snap right back quickly.

5. You are a very considerate person. You know the impact of negative things and who it can damage others; therefore, you try to be gentle and consider others. You are not perfect, yet your intentions are good and more than that average person.

6. You are always alert and notice things others might miss as you pay attention. Therefore you can often sense an untrustworthy person. 

7. You find meaning in almost everything. You know that everything has a purpose in life. Your emotions are quite intense at times; therefore, you respond to people’s opinions and actions. Careful, you don’t hand on to the negative emotions.

8Empaths are a special breed. You can connect on a deep level and tend to skip the small talk. You also tend to talk about your fears and emotions easily. 

Dating an empath can be rewarding, yet sometimes they may be difficult to understand. When an empath is in love with you, they will give you their all.

There are three kinds of empaths;

Cognitive: Knowing how other people feel and what they are thinking. It is also called perspective-taking.

Emotional: Being in tune with other people’s emotions.

Compassionate: You not only feel other people’s emotions; you understand their predicament and feel with them, which moves you to help them if needed.

Empaths can be very creative, have you found your creative side?

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