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8 Things That Make Women Beautiful That Makeup Can’t Do

Many women seem to get confused as to what true beauty is. Beauty is not about makeup, clothes, or dress size.

I‘m sure you can relate to why women would believe that makeup is the key to beauty, as we all know, the media judges women by appearance. Beauty contests, pop culture, media, advertising support these judgments, as big businesses make their money off promoting women with their before and after effects of their fantastic miracle products they are advertising.

Let’s be honest, beauty doesn’t come from makeup. Below I have listed seven factors that create a long-lasting impression that no amount of makeup ever could.

1. Passion

A woman who takes time to follow her passions understands that life is too precious to waste without enjoying the ride. A woman without passion is one heck of a dull woman. People admire a woman who can enjoy everything that life has to offer, not just her relationships. You probably wonder why, but the truth is that passion is contagious, and watching someone pursue their dreams is a beautiful experience that any human being can have.

2. Fun-loving

Life is tough when you have to share space with a negative person. Not saying that you should be positive all the time, but nobody wants to spend loads of time with someone that mopes a lot. Being spontaneous and having a sense of adventure without taking things for granted is very attractive. Having gratitude for all that life has to offer is a fantastic attractive trait to have. It’s way more beautiful than someone that takes things for granted.

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3. Compassion

If a woman is incapable of compassion or empathy for others and only loves herself, would you find her attractive? Compassion holds all relationships together, be it a colleague, mentor, mother, lover, or just a friend. If a woman loves herself more than loving another, then her beauty is only skin deep. Giving and receiving love, as well as understanding other people’s emotions and having empathy, are very attractive. 

4. Sensitive

Feeling other people’s pain. Knowing when people are hurting and comforting them at their time of need is a wonderful trait to have. Even crying during a sad movie. Being sensitive is inherently beautiful as they have feelings for everything.

5. Mind

Knowledge is essential to our existence. Knowledge is empowerment, and empowerment is sensuous. It is stereotyped that women who read a lot can’t be good looking, or on the flip side, that if you are beautiful, you can’t have much going on upstairs in the brain department.

6. Confidence

There is such a fine line between being confident and bragging. Bragging is seeking praise for one’s ego and wanting to be noticed. Confidence, on the other hand, is about feeling proud of one’s self, the way you walk, speak, and act. Confidence is not needing approval or reassurance from other people.

7. Resilience

It is inspiring to watch a woman that refuses to give up, whether it is in her health, career, or marriage. The world loves a woman that believes that life can never defeat them, accepting the worst and the best in equal strides. Not allowing the outcome to control her.

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8. The beautiful woman

When a woman follows her passion, has compassion, is intellectual with a sense of adventure who refuses to give up, and believes in herself, she is one hell of a beautiful woman who can light up a room and everyone in it!!

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