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8 Things Gifted People Experience

We’re all gifted in some way or another. While some gifts are easily recognized, some are subtle and can even make you feel weird.

Gifted people vary from being somewhat too intense and complex: emotionally, physically, intellectually, creatively, sensually, existentially, or a few combinations. Their intensity can be exhilarating and sometimes extremely challenging, for themselves and their social environment.

Spiritual gifts are not common or comfortable. If you don’t learn to manage them, it can burden you.

Check out how many of the following signs resonate with you.

1. Are you affected during a new moon or full moon, when it is at its most powerful? Does it leave you feeling restless?

During moon phases, spiritually gifted people become restless or have difficulty sleeping.

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2. You have sleeping troubles between 3 am, and 4 am (not to pee or for any other reason)?

Better known as the ‘witching hour, as at this specific time, is believed to be where magical energies are at their strongest, which means it could encourage celestial activity or make weird things happen.

You might be a good time to pray or meditate at these hours.

3. Do you feel you need to change the world and help people?

Are you sensitive to toxic and narcissistic individuals? You tend to fall for the facade and don’t realize there are malicious people in this world until it is too late.

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You are usually described as an “empath” for your relentless need to satisfy others.

4. Are animals drawn to you?

Animals have stronger senses than humans and can smell emotions. Therefore, they will be attracted to spiritually gifted people, as they feel safe and protected in the company of a spiritually gifted person.

Spiritual people are often drawn more to stray and wounded animals. 

5. Do you find that weird and odd people are attracted to you? 

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They believe you are like a savior or guardian angel. Therefore, they will be drawn to you for guidance. 

But be careful, don’t let your empathetic side take control, as there are many dangerous and crazy people in the world, and it is not your job to fix their lives.

6. Do you find that your physical surroundings affect your emotions?

Being gifted, you are constantly facing emotional challenges. When your emotions are intense, electronics could stop working, or you could break something. Plants may flourish or wither in your company, depending on your emotions and energy.

Cats may stare, and dogs might be bark for no reason.

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7. Are you sensitive to negative energy in a room?

You walk into a room, and the hair on your back can stand up if there is a sinister presence. You can feel what other people think of you when your eyes lock. You will pick up on positive or negative energy quickly.

This gift is there to help you see where to use your energy and skills, what needs healing, and what you should avoid when they are energetically tired. 

8. Can you tell when the weather is changing without the forecast?

Mother nature and spiritually gifted people have a connection with everything in nature, especially trees.

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