8 Signs You’re An Introvert


Some Introverts enjoy socializing.

Introverts are people that focus more on internal feelings, thoughts, and moods instead of searching for external stimulation. They are quiet and reserved. 

Many introverts are socially reserved and would rather stay home and spend time alone, read a book or watch a movie, rather than go to a large party, but there are also many introverts who enjoy socializing.

Here are eight common signs to identify if you are an introvert.

  1. Lots of people drain your energy.

If you ever feel exhausted after spending time with a large group of people and you need to spend time alone afterward, that means you are an introvert. They find social interactions energy draining. 

2. You enjoy solitude.

Introverts prefer spending time alone rather than with other people. They like the peace and quietness that solitude offers them. 

3. You enjoy a few close friends.

Introverts prefer quality over quantity. They stick to small circles and are careful about who they interact with. One-on-one interactions are their favorite.

If you’re an introvert, you’re most probably silent and shy. People might also refer to you as the reserved and quiet type. 

4. Too much activity leaves you feeling distracted and unfocused.

Introverts can’t perform well in hectic environments. They end up feeling underwhelmed and unfocused. Whereas extroverts are way more focused and can’t be easily distracted compared to introverts. 

5. Why introverts (INFJs) cut people out of their lives by what we call ‘Door Slam.’ 

As introverts often give their all, they are empathetic and compassionate souls, often giving others the benefit of the doubt. So when they abused relentlessly, they would cut all ties, like blocking them on social media and phone.

6. You are very self-aware.

People who have a higher level of self-awareness fall under the category of introverts. If you have a deep understanding of yourself, then you’re most probably an introvert. 

7. You learn by watching.

Introverts learn by observing. They watch other people’s actions and performance of tasks very carefully and then try to imitate them independently. 

8. You prefer a job that involves independence.

As an introvert, you might enjoy a job that requires you to perform independently rather than a profession where you have to interact with too many other people. Jobs like writers, artists, accountants, and graphic designers suit introvert personalities.

Understanding why some people are introverts and others’ extroverts is essential to understanding your body’s physiology play. The way your body reacts to outside environments plays a critical role in determining your level of extroversion and introversion.

Set boundaries as it will provide you with the physical and mental space you need to increase the quality of time you invest in every area of your life.

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