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8 Signs of Possible Mind, Body, and Soul Exhaustion

Ever feel like your energy has drained away from your body? Like your soul is exhausted?

Here are eight signs that could indicate that you are suffering from soul exhaustion.

1. You get body aches – Body pains during challenging times are something pretty much every one of you has gone through.

Tension in the neck and back muscles, sharp pains in arms or legs can be a sign of soul exhaustion. We witness these effects when we are under stress and going through emotional pain during troublesome times. Body aches are the body’s way of indicating that our soul is tired. 

2. You suffer from digestive difficulties – Common digestive issues are stomach ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, and gastric reflux, most of which can be successfully treated through the use of over the counter metronidazole

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Mental and emotional exhaustion influences our diet and a poor diet, leading to digestive complaints. They indicate that our body is tired. 

3. You encounter blurred vision suddenly – When the sharpness in our eyesight is lost, we experience blurred vision. 

When images appear hazy, with weakly defined outlines, reading glasses prove useful in this case. Surprisingly stress, trauma, and emotional strain can cause blurry vision. You may find dizziness, and headaches could follow blurred sight. 

4. You continuously experience headaches – Although headaches are quite normal, we should be worried when they occur almost all the time and are painful. 

Headaches are a common way used by the body to communicate that our mind and soul are exhausted. People use pain medication to relieving headaches. 

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5. You feel emotionally numb – When you fail to process and deny your emotions. 

Concealing your emotions deep within you is very unhealthy, as it can cause many more issues. A person’s ability to empathize reduces when they are emotionally numb, which could push people away from you.

6. You can’t explain your feelings – When someone is going through a rough time in life, they find it hard to realize their own feelings. 

It’s because humans have so many feelings, all at the same time. To face a problem successfully, you should first recognize your feelings. Naming your feeling will then help you to deal with the issue at hand. If your soul is exhausted, you are then incapable of naming and accepting your feelings. 

7. You frequently feel disoriented – arriving at a destination and not remembering the trip.

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When your mind is preoccupied with emotions and thoughts, which leaves feeling you disorientated and unfocused, especially if you haven’t processed the emotions and feelings that brought it on.

8. You experience a panic attack – Panic attacks strike without warnings.

Panic attacks are sudden waves of anxiety, where your heart pounds and your pulse rate increases, leaving you unable to say anything or move. You could even shake, sweat, and hyperventilate. It may be your body’s telling you that your mind and soul are tired.

DON’T push your feelings aside. Deal with them head-on, as the feeling of helplessness can make you feel worse.

A few tips to help reset your body, soul, and mind exhaustion.

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Get as much uninterrupted and peaceful sleep as sleep deprivation leaves your brain exhausted.
A daily dose of vitamins and minerals.
Deal with emotional problems instead of ignoring or denying them.
Walking helps to clear the mind so you can process emotions better.
Find ways to occupy yourself as ideal minds cause problems that are not there.
Get moving; do some exercise at home or join a gym.
Drink plenty of water.
Boredom results in overthinkers.
Eat a balanced diet.

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