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8 Definite Signs Your Lover Loves You or Not

Do you ever wonder if the love of your life really loves you?

It’s simple, either black and white, cut and dry, salt and pepper if you ask us, but see what you think. Once you’ve read this shortlist, you’ll get the idea if they love you or they don’t! 

1. They will do anything for you.

Your lover will go above and beyond to make you happy. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for you. If you’re sad, they will try to cheer you up, when you need someone, they will be there for you, and if you need help, they will offer a helping hand. 

2. They will protect you.

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Men love being the hero and savior. A true lover will protect you from harm at all costs. It might be from strangers or bad friends. You need not worry because he will be there to ensure your safety. This concept is called the hero instinct.

Women will protect their lover and not let anyone say anything wrong about them. They will be there right next to you when you have any problems.

3. They want to grow and evolve in life with you.

If two people want to grow and evolve in life as partners, it means that they are in a healthy relationship. Changes and growth are part of life. A person who is willing to be with you throughout this journey really loves you. 

4. They talk about the future, which includes you.

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A Person who truly loves you will include you in their future plans. It is a sign of commitment. It shows that they want you in his life for a long time. It doesn’t matter what their plan is. If it’s traveling the world or buying a house, you will always be included in their plans. 

5. They won’t forget the little things.

It might be your favorite color or your favorite flower; they will remember the tiny details. That is because you are their priority. Someone who really loves you will remember your likes, dislikes, and interests. 

If a person is important to you, they tend to remember all the details about them.

6. Their friends and family already know everything about you. 

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If your partner is serious about being with you, they will tell their best buddies and family about you. That is a sign of commitment. It gives their friends and family a sense that they really love and cares about you.

7. The way they look at you.

A person who really loves you will stare at you for hours. Their eyes will sparkle when they look at you. Couples who lock eyes together have a strong bond. If their pupils dilate, it also means that they love you. 

When men stare deep into your eyes, it means that they are very attracted to you.

When women play with their hair while talking to you, it means they are attracted to you.

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8. They want you to be happy.

Nothing matters to them in the whole wide world, other than your happiness. They will put your happiness above their own. A person who truly loves you will stop at nothing to put a smile on your face. They want what’s best for you. 

Most people want to be in a relationship as it makes them feel better.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, as, without trust, you will not be comfortable with each other. Therefore the relationship will lack stability. Most times, it’s the smaller things that count.

Things about men.

Men are wired differently from women. And they are driven by different things when it comes to relationships.

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Men need to live meaningful lives as well as to dedicate themselves to the people they care about. Therefore, if a relationship doesn’t give him a sense of purpose, this is a clear sign that he won’t love you. 

Men actually care less about a woman’s qualities than what they do about how the relationship makes them feel about themselves. 

Men have this biological drive to feel essential, needed, and able to provide for the woman they care about.

For a relationship to last, it must give a man a sense of purpose and meaning. They must feel that you really need and want to have them around, not merely as an accessory, ‘partner in crime,’ or ‘best friend.’

Things about women

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Women need to feel their partners can be trusted and that they are sincere and committed.

Women care less about a man’s qualities than what they do about how the relationship makes them feel about themselves. 

Women love to communicate with their partners, even if it is trivial.

Women love cuddles and affection.

Don’t fall for the narcissist that continually puts you down. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, are they worth it!? Are they only interested in physical attraction?

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Points that are important to any relationship is that it is supposed to make you happier, feel special, and loved. Never think that happiness comes from a relationship. 

Step back and take time to reflect and rewind. It’s time to think about how that person makes you feel, how that person treats you.

Should you want to change anything in your life, one of the most effective ways is to change your beliefs. Unfortunately, it is not easy to do.

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