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7 Pieces of Timeless Wisdom to Help Get Through Tough Times

Most people are unaware of how their life’s journey has strengthened them. Ups and downs are part of life. If there were no darkness, we wouldn’t experience light. If there were no sadness, we wouldn’t experience happiness.

The wisest and most grounded people are the people that have known heartbreak, despair, and defeat. Growing older, we tend to become more compassionate and sensitive. We learn to appreciate the smaller things in life.

When faced with challenges, you can either let the situation destroy you or strengthen you. It is all about the choices we make in life. 

In this article, we remind you of some forgotten truths to help you grow through the hard times…

#1 Your mindset is half your battle

It’s fine to have down days. There is no way that life can be perfect all the time. Life is not perfect, but it is good. We should take nothing for granted. Every day is a gift which we are opening, not knowing what the day has in store for us. Open it in amazement. Don’t let negativity wear off on you. By changing your thoughts, and you change your reality. It’s all a mindset!

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#2 Fear 

Fear is something we create. Fear can be so overwhelming that we use all our senses on the things we fear, that we create it. Don’t let fear control you! You can beat it if you face it! 

Something to ponder on is: To be courageous, doesn’t mean you don’t have to be afraid. Courageous means that you don’t allow fear to control you and stop you from moving forward in life.

#3 Pain

As humans, we don’t like to feel pain. Yet, pain shows us that we are alive. We hide our feelings and our pain. Some people don’t love cause they scared that they would get hurt. Yet, it’s all about the way you carry the things that don’t go your way that matters in the end. Pain is a feeling, and you can only learn how strong you are when being strong is your only choice!

#4 Present

We are all exactly where we are supposed to be to get to where you want to go tomorrow. Look around you, see the beauty in everyone and everything. Look at the possibilities in front of you. Love is closer than you may realize. Fear doesn’t exist. Appreciate the journey, enjoy every minute of it!

#5 Gratitude

Life is better when you are positive and smiling. A true sign of leadership and strength is when you take a negative situation and look at it in a positive light.

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#6 Growth

In time you will realize that life isn’t any easier or harder than you thought it might be, it just wasn’t the way you had anticipated. Things don’t always happen as expected. That is not at all a bad thing. It just makes life interesting, and that’s the way to look at it. Stay positive, and you will be pleasantly surprised!

If you can’t change your worries, then don’t worry about it! Your experience adds wisdom to your life.

#7 Responsibility

When you shift the blame on other’s for what you are going through, you deny responsibility. Therefore you are surrendering power over that part of your life.

When you take responsibility for your own life and stop blame-shifting, you will be happier. If you are unhappy now, it is no one’s fault but your own! Be a hero of your life, not a victim!


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There’s always something to be grateful for.

If your desires were always fulfilled instantly, you would have nothing to look forward to. 

Patience is not about waiting. It’s also about the ability to keep a good attitude while working for what you believe in. Every stone you move is progress.

Remember, other people cannot validate you.

Many of us are fighting the same or simular battle. No matter how embarrassed you feel about your own current situation, know that there are others out there experiencing the same battles and emotions.

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