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7 Little Things That Look Like Love But Are Actually Manipulation

There are things that your boyfriend does that make you think that he is sweet and thoughtful. Yet how sure are you that it is out of love and not just a way of manipulating you? 

Here we have a few signs that indicate your perfect boyfriend is actually a devil in disguise.

1. He likes to “check in” incessantly.

He might have sent you a million texts when you were out with your friends, and you might have thought that it was really sweet of him to do so. But the truth is he’s not just checking in on you; he’s actually checking up on you. 

2. He uses the “…but I love you so much!” excuse often.

Every time your guy does something that gets you all riled up, he blames his bad behavior on love. For example, if he is an extremely jealous person, he might say that it’s because he loves you so much. He uses a tactic to distract you from his mistakes and get back on your good side. But don’t fall for his sweet words; focus on his behavior because it reflects who he really is.

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3. He can’t live without you.

A boyfriend like this tells you that he would die without you because you are his life. This is a very creepy thing to say. Guys like this might use suicide threats just to gain control over you, especially when they want you to act according to their will. 

4. He says you’re his whole world.

Even this isn’t very romantic. A girl might feel pressured when her boyfriend tells her that she’s his everything. It can be interpreted in a way that he wants to be isolated with you instead of being surrounded by crowds. There’s even a possibility that he might pull you away from the people close to you just to have you to himself. He might do this to control you too.

5. He spoils you with gifts you don’t need.

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If your boyfriend keeps gifting you things you already have, replacing your clothes and accessories shows that he is trying to change you into someone you’re not. This indicates that he isn’t comfortable with who you are and the way you are. 

6. He “worries” about you.

He might have called you and texted you a hundred times whenever you go out, just because he’s worried about you. He might even get mad at you for no reason and then tell you that it’s because he was worried about you. But saying that he’s worried is merely a tactic used to guilt you into paying more attention to him. He hopes that this will make him seem more loving in your eyes.

7. He loves to joke around.

He’ll call you “stupid,” crazy,” or “dumb,” in a joking way. He says that’s his way of showing love. No! I don’t think so – It’s his way of pretending to be joking, yet he hopes that his comments remain in your mind and you start to believe it.

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Narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths are toxic human beings. They use similar tactics and constantly try to test your boundaries.

Most of you have come across an emotional manipulator at some point or another in your life, and as you know, it is highly destructive. There are times that you might not even realize that you are being manipulated. They are very skillful. 

Should you experience any of the above, it would be advisable to get out of that relationship as soon as possible and allow yourself some time to reflect and heal.

A manipulator does not change, no matter what. Notice the signs and do what is best for you!

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