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Differences Between Religion And Spirituality

People mistake Spirituality for Religion and visa verse. It is often mistaken for some mysterious supernatural occurrence or a sect. When, in fact, spirituality is not mystic, nor is it connected to a cult.

Below we list the differences between Spirituality and Religion that would help you to understand it better;


Spirituality sets you free, allowing you to follow your heart and your gut feelings. Allowing you to be independent.

Spirituality allows you to set your own enlightenment journey, while showing you how to be spirited, and making you aware of the consequences, without the focus of fear, as well as how to help control anxiety.

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Spirituality teaches you that we are all one. Allowing you to discover your own truth in your time and in your way.

Spirituality enables you to connect with your higher self. You can see the truth in your own mind as truth as a whole is the same for each of us.

Spirituality unites all religions worldwide, focusing on the quality of the messages shared despite their unique differences.

Spirituality believes in Karma. Every action has a reaction. Therefore your punishment is the reaction set in motion from your actions, relying on the fundamental forces of The Universe.

Spirituality shows you happiness is within, and you and only you are responsible for it.

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The foundation of religion is the story about a God or Gods, and their journey to enlightenment, as well as the truth they have discovered making you follow their steps.

Religion makes you dependent and only considers you as a religious person if you attend religious events by attending a church or a building, as well makes you bow.

Religion informs you what to believe and what is right or wrong. Religion shows you how to be fearful and consequences. If you don’t obey specific rules, punishment awaits you reliant on your beliefs.

Religion separates you from all other religions.

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The fundamental difference between the two is a religious person must follow an ideology and abide by specific rules, or else he’ll be punished now or in the afterlife. A spiritual person follows what he feels is right, as they don’t need an organized religion to live a life of faith.

All religions emphasize spiritualism as being part of faith. You can be ‘spiritual’ without being religious or a member of an organized religion.

Every religion regardless of which one, came by the spirituality, by the journey of which one person became God. The important message here is the truth. The Divine Code of The Human Heart which resonates harmoniously through each of us. Hence every religion has something real and true in it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you find yourself seeking ambition, affirmation, confidence – We are within Divinity, you are worthy.

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