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6 Things You Can Do To Help When You’re Feeling Lockdown Burnout

When this global crisis started, it felt like I was watching one of those disaster movies.

The global crisis could indeed be stressing us all to some extent. Yet some people feel the stress of it more than others. It has definitely left us exhausted and burned out, especially when considering areas such as job insecurity, financial instability, social isolation, and political unrest.

These six tips will help you deal with burnout.

1. Pinpoint the cause.

Pinpoint what’s causing the burnout so you can address the root issue. There can be various reasons that could cause burnout, such as being away from your friends or working from home. You need to identify the reason to take the necessary steps to get rid of the negative feelings. After identifying the reason, you can tackle the element you’re battling with.

It does affect people that they are not socializing as they used. Maybe not being around people in public places is the cause.

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2. Incorporate more pleasure into your life.

It is obvious that people lack pleasure in their lives these days. So undertake activities that make you feel good. It could be baking, singing, or even having a long shower. Take on anything that is sure to be a good experience.

3. Shake up your routine.

Your old routine might need a little bit of tweaking because it might feel rather stale and monotonous. You should change a few aspects of your routine to add some freshness into your life. 

4. Make plans for the future.

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You must not give up on hope for the future. Therefore plan on what you are going to do once the situation returns to the new normal. You can even make a vision board. This will surely give you something to look forward to. 

5. Carve out more time for rest.

Getting sufficient sleep is essential to remain healthy. Sleep affects your mental as well as physical well-being. Now is the time when you need to take action and get some physical, mental, social, emotional, creative, and sensory rest. Identify the type of rest you need and reserve a time for it. Resting will definitely help you to avoid burnout.

6. Talk to a therapist.

Speaking to someone about your feelings and problems is beneficial. Especially if burnout has led you to clinical depression or other mental health issues, talk to a mental health professional for proper guidance. It is a great way to manage your feelings. 

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It is OK to feel bad!

You may blame yourself for feeling low. Yes, some people do have it worse than you, and there will always be someone who will have a worse situation than you. 

Since 2020 massive changes have occurred. It is perfectly normal and fine to grieve the loss of things that have been taken away from you. You are not to blame; it is a normal reaction to difficult times, which does not mean that you are a failure.

Even in dark situations, there is usually some light at the end of the tunnel.

You may feel better if you focus on the small things that are good and feel grateful for them. 

You can not control the future, and you can not control other people, but you do have control over your reactions to making things better or worse for you! It is your reaction to any situation that can lead to stress and exhaustion. 

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Burnout is worse than ordinary fatigue. It is hard to cope with day-to-day responsibilities, and you may even dread getting out of bed in the mornings. It is ghastly to feel helpless and hopeless.

Send positive energies to the universe and don’t loss faith and hope!

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