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6 Signs That You’re A Lightworker And What It Means 

A Lightworker is a person who has come to Earth to help transform the darkness into light. Lightworkers are meant to shine without letting others dim their inner light and greatness. 

Here are a few traits you can use to discover whether you are a lightworker.

1. You feel like you’re wasting time

There is this feeling deep inside you, telling you that you’re wasting your time. It is a feeling that you have had since you were a kid. 

You feel this way because something more significant is requested from you, and you are constantly reminded of it until you take action.

2. You feel your life’s purpose – even if you don’t know what it is 

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Lightworkers know that there’s a greater destiny ahead for them, and they are drawn towards it. It is because the universe wants them to awaken and act on their life purpose consciously.

Acting on your life mission consciously is essential to accomplish so much more. Realizing your life purpose can positively transform your life.

3. You feel like an alien who has just landed 

A lightworker feels like he or she doesn’t belong here on Earth. The way our society functions can lead to lightworkers feeling sad or depressed

They feel this way because they’re here to change the existing structures and create a new world filled with love and freedom. 

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4. You want to save the world 

Lightworkers feel as if they’re here to save the world. They don’t like seeing people suffer, and they’re against the way the world operates. Lightworkers are determined to change this situation. 

The feeling of saving the whole world comes from the ego and realization that the world can be changed with the help of all lightworkers. 

5. You have a lot of dark stuff going on 

In order to transform dark into light, a lightworker needs to experience the darkness in life. They’ve never had an easy life because they had to learn to recognize the various kinds of darkness and to transform it into light at a very young age. 

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Some lightworkers come to Earth to resolve their family karma and liberate other generations. 

6. You’re a powerful manifestor

Lightworkers manifest what they want. It’s because they have high levels of energy that find their way into material manifestation fast. 

Lightworkers are more powerful than they realize, so they have to be careful and responsible for how they direct their energy. 

There are 2 types of energies on this planet – Dark and Light. 

Light energy is limitless and comes from the Source(light) over the ego’s call (fear). It’s vibrational, expansive, and full of love. 

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Dark energy is much denser. It’s the manipulation, fear, and power struggles. It sees us as separate rather than connected spiritual beings and does not flow with The Universe.

Lightworkers turn their light on by whatever lights them up and then effortlessly sharing that light with everyone in the world. They are also in tune with their soul’s callings and act on it regardless of fear. They don’t feel the need to convince anyone of anything; they rather just be the light.  

Lightworkers tend to fit into two categories – Newly Awakened Lightworkers and Retro Lightworkers.

Newly Awakened Lightworkers tend to have a meaningful awakening experience-driven on by a life event. Once awakened, it’s hard to go back. There’s a feeling that things can never be the same. Their consciousness has shifted. 

Newly awakened Lightworkers seem to jump right in and make significant life changes answering the newly awakened call within them.

Retro Lightworkers come in knowingly. They’ve been doing this work for many lifetimes. And may find that they have substantial fear from a soul memory, therefore, fear stepping forward.

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They are most likely to have always had an inkling that they were here for a purpose and have work to do, feeling that time is running out. Forming a spiritual closet from a young age is typical for them, making it a scary process to reveal to the world who they really are.

Some Lightworkers incarnated with a conscious mission to be of service. Countless souls are awakening to the call to be of service. Anyone who decides to dedicate themselves to being a bright light in the world is a Lightworker. 

There are no spiritual tests to pass. The only requirement is a passion for connecting with your own authentic light and a yearning to serve the world. Basically, it is working your light.

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