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6 Reminders When You Stop Feeling Strong 

People misunderstand the word ‘strong,’ yet you need to be mentally strong to overcome the curveballs life throws in your direction. It is honestly hard to be alive if you are don’t feel strong inside. 

Most of us are still trying to figure it all out, as we haven’t done this before. We can’t say all the right things all the time. We just have to try to figure it out and try to find a balance. Some days will be better than others. 

So here are six reminders for when you stop feeling strong. 

1. Sometimes, people misunderstand what strength really means.

Strength doesn’t mean you’re in a good mood all the time or that you keep living life with zero worries. It means that you should keep moving forward even though it is hard and feel lost and lonely. Strength is when you’re still standing up with hopes of a better future. 

2. Sometimes, staying strong can backfire.

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Feeling pressured to stay strong for a long time is an issue. You might be withholding your emotions from others, wearing a brave mask, and pretending as if everything is alright even though so many things are going wrong in your life. No one can play pretend forever; you’re bound to break. 

3. Sometimes, the strongest thing is to admit you’re struggling. 

You should realize that you can’t do everything alone and push people away, calling it independence. You are not considered weak for showing your vulnerability, asking for help, or expressing your emotions.

There’s no shame in admitting that you’re going through a hard time. Most people are bound to hit rock bottom at some point in their life. Admit that you’re struggling and that you need help. 

4. Your weakest moments could make you even stronger.

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At the moment, you might feel helpless and like everything in your life is going wrong. But remember that you’re going to emerge through this in one piece, stronger and better than before. 

Then you look back in time and figure out how strong you were to have survived all that pain. You will appreciate yourself afterward. 

5. Being honest with ones self is important rather than pretending.  

You don’t want to live in an imaginary world where you pretend that everything is fine even though you’re suffering inside. To recover, you need to be honest with yourself about your thoughts and emotions. 

To admit there is a problem is the first step of fixing it. Being strong isn’t about pretending that you have your shit together; it is all about being honest with yourself. 

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6. Sometimes, staying strong isn’t your best option. 

There’re no rules that state you have to be strong all the time. It is alright to cry and to open up to those close to you. Let them know what you’re going through, let your walls down, and allow yourself to fall apart. That is how you build yourself back up again from scratch.

Tips to stay strong when coping with grief:

Years after a loss, you can still feel the impact of losing someone. People always say stay strong. The best way to stay strong is by being prepared for an anniversary and finding a way to distract you. Try not to spend that day alone. Schedule a gathering or spend it with loved ones. 

Focus on the wonderful times and things about your relationship with that person. You could write a letter with a wonderful memory and add to it whenever you feel the need. Share your memories with someone that also feels their loss. Mostly allow yourself to feel your emotions, as it is ok to be sad, yet allow yourself to recall the happy experiences you had so that you can be both laughing and crying. 

Grief does lessen with time, yet if you find that your grief is interfering with your life daily and you are battling to function, get professional help. 

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Practice these pointers:
  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Acknowledge your feelings.
  • Set boundaries around how much negativity you allow in. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • Trust yourself.

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