6 Reasons Why It’s So Difficult To Leave A Dysfunctional Relationship

6 Reasons Why It’s So Difficult To Leave A Dysfunctional Relationship

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I often wondered why people stay in an unhappy relationship.
They tend to come up with all sorts of excuses as to why they cannot leave the relationship.

Some of us will never understand unless you have been in one yourself.

Below is a list why anyone would stay in an unhappy relationship. I hope this will help you understand and give a friend or loved one support who is going through the same thing.

1. Children

One of the primary reasons that anyone would stay in an unhappy relationship. We don’t want to break up the family, the children probably love their dad, and a custody battle would be tough for everyone. Which in those circumstances, could seem more of a hassle than anything else.

What they don’t realize, it hurts the children seeing parents unhappy. It’s unhealthy for the children to be caught in the parental crossfire.

2. Finances

Unstable finances can be the cause of an unhappy relationship. Yet it’s even harder to leave when you have a fear of finding affordable housing.

To top it all the costs of a divorce is a mind-boggling expense.

3. Time invested

When you have been together for years, it’s a lot of time invested to just walk away. You would be walking away from mutual friends and probably in-laws that would be hating you for leaving.

4. Things will get better

There would be times when you think that if you gave it a bit more time it would sort it’s self out. You even start believing there is something wrong with you.

5. Public opinion

Keeping face pretending to everyone that everything is fine.

What are the people going to think? Would they believe that you are a failure? What are the family going to assume?

6. You still care

Even though the relationship isn’t working, doesn’t mean you not still in love with your husband/partner.

There you have it… there are many reasons why people stay in unhappy relationships.

If you know anyone that is unhappy in their relationship, the only thing you can do is to give them love and support without judging them. They are the only ones that can make the decision what is best for them.


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