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6 Brilliant Comebacks To Say To Arrogant and Rude People

We are surrounded by arrogant people who have made it their duty to insult us. Toxic behaviors have become rather common these days. And if you’re a nice person, these sorts of people have an adverse effect on you. The only way to deal with arrogant people is by using an intelligent comeback. 

The meaning of arrogant means unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important, or you know more than, other people. Arrogant is having unreasonable pride in oneself, often with contempt for others, while rude is really bad-mannered.

Here are 6 comebacks that will come in handy. 

1. Sarcasm 

It is used by intelligent people for entertainment as well as to deal with insults. Sarcasm agrees with the insult but shows the attacker that the attack on your character failed miserably. You are also able to return a higher level of knowledge in defense. If you can come up with an educated response using sarcasm, then the arrogant individual will be helpless for sure. 

A good comeback is to ask, ‘now what makes you say that?’ Which is intended to help the arrogant person identify and realize that they made a negative statement that is being called into question. Hopefully, they will stop once they have been called out on their behavior.

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2. Jokes

It is seen as a positive way to respond to an insult, using humor. Getting angry is for weaklings. Using a joke as a comeback will definitely lighten the situation and show your playfulness. Whenever a conversation gets too heavy, add levity.

Alternatively, you can say ‘Ouch!’ if they hurt your or someone else’s feelings. This comeback will help them realize the hurt that they are doing. 

3. Question motives 

Another way to deal with an arrogant person is by questioning their motives as to why they insulted you. Sometimes an insult might come in disguise as an innocent inquiry. In instances such as this, the best way to respond is by questioning the meaning. Then you can directly understand where their statement leads. Once their intentions are clear, you can decide how you will react. 

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I love this statement ‘. Are you aware that there’re other viewpoints?’ We’re all entitled to opinions, and an arrogant person needs to realize that. 

4. Offer alternatives

Arrogant and rude people are negative in nature. That is why they use insults to gain leverage over other people. By offering alternatives to their opinions, you reduce the power of their attack. Use this opportunity to share your opposing views. Tell them that there could be a different way to approach things.

5. Support good intentions 

This is taking the high road. When an arrogant or rude person uses an insult to hurt you, ask them directly if they realize how arrogant the statement was. This is sure to leave them ashamed of attacking your character. Then they will respond less arrogantly, or they might not respond at all.

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‘I’m sure you didn’t mean to sound so arrogant, right!?’ This comeback makes it clear that you refuse to play along with them.

6. Pause and find common ground 

Pause to gather your thoughts, and then try to see eye to eye. This will allow you to find commonality with the person insulting you. It is possible that the person insulting you feels unheard. By agreeing with them, you can communicate in a civil manner and open up the conversation. 

Call out arrogant behavior and let them know that you find it completely unacceptable. 

Should a person regards themself in a constantly negative and critical light, that attitude is bound to affect the way they regard other people. Generally, a person with low self-esteem often masks their insecurities by flexing their oral muscles by being rude in an attempt to build themselves up to feel powerful and secure. Basically to hide their true feelings.

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