5 Things That May Be Blocking Your Energy

5 Things That May Be Blocking Your Energy

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By Dixie Somers, Guest writer,
Enlightened Consciousness

There are several things that can block your energy. Some energy blockers are easy to pinpoint while others may be less obvious. Some energy blockers become such a subtle or consistent part of your life that you don’t even notice the ill-effects they’re causing. The first step in unblocking your energy is to zero in on what’s zapping your energy. The next step is to implement lifestyle changes that will result in you feeling more energized.


Stress, whether it relates to work, home or relationships, can block your energy. Once you determine what’s causing your stress, it’s essential that you find ways to relieve that stress. Meditation, yoga and exercise can relieve stress. Over-extending yourself can cause stress. Setting boundaries, learning to say no and establishing a designated amount of personal time each day can prevent the stress that comes from continually pushing through a schedule that is too much for even a superhero to handle.

Your Home

Your home should be a place where you can re-energize. However, if your home is cluttered, it may well be an energy-zapper. Clutter can adversely affect your mood and your productivity. Removing clutter and getting organized is one way to assure that your home environment isn’t blocking your energy.


Pain is a constant source of discomfort and often a disruption to your normal routine. It’s hard to feel energetic when you’re in pain. While some types of pain are a minor inconvenience, back pain can affect your overall lifestyle. The limitations you experience when dealing with back pain can lead to frustration and depression. There are numerous ways to relieve back pain, neck pain, pain from strains and sprains and other types of pain. You should check with a physician from a company like Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, P.C. to discuss the options that are best for you.


Viewing life from a negative perspective can block your energy. Developing a positive attitude and looking for the best in every situation can boost your overall energy level. It’s also best to avoid constant association with negative people. Their negativity can actually drain or block your energy.

Bad Habits

Bad habits can zap your energy. Eating an unhealthy diet is a habit that can lead to poor health and low energy. A lack of sleep not only block your energy, it hinders your ability to concentrate and can have a negative effect on your mood. Following the crowd instead of speaking up for yourself is a habit that can cause frustration and frustration is an energy-blocker. An inactive lifestyle can also block energy. Exercise is energizing while a sedentary lifestyle blocks your energy.

There are various factors that can play a role in blocking your energy. Take some time to review your daily activities and to examine your inner feelings to determine what is blocking your energy. There’s an abundance of ways to overcome the obstacles that are blocking your energy. Don’t let procrastination deprive you of living the active, energetic, fulfilling life you desire.


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