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5 Simple Self-Protection Strategies for Empaths

Empaths tend to absorb other people’s stress because they are emotional sponges. It can be rather exhausting. Therefore we created a list of a few strategies that will help you fight this low energy issue.

1. Question yourself, “Does this symptom/emotion belong to me or someone else?”

If you feel a sudden change in your mood or physical state when you’re around a particular person, this indicates that you’re absorbing their energy. If the discomfort goes away when you move further from that person, then the negative energy definitely doesn’t belong to you.

The main reason you take on emotional or physical pain is that you have unresolved issues. That is what triggers you. It is only when you heal these issues that you can reduce the absorption of emotions from others.

2. Repeat this mantra to counter negative energy 

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When you feel negative, focus on your breathing. As you breathe, repeat “Return to sender” three times. By doing so, the power of your voice commands the negative energy out of your body. You are able to breathe out toxic energy out of the lumbar spine in your lower back. Say “I release you” as the negative energy leaves your body. 

3. Step away from what’s disturbing you

Once you suspect the source of your negative energy, move away at least twenty feet away. Try to notice if you feel relieved after doing this. If you find yourself in overwhelming social situations, then take short breaks to replenish yourself. This way, when you want to return to the social gathering, you will be in a calm and composed place. 

4. Limit physical contact. Hugs are a choice!

It is known that energy transfers through eyes and touch. So whenever your feel uncomfortable around someone, limit contact (touch) and eye-contact. Don’t go to hug or hold hands with that particular person. 

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5. Detox in water

Dipping in water is a quick way in which you can get rid of stress and empathic pains. It is a fact that empaths love being in the water. Epsom salt baths and essential oil baths can soothe your body and mind. Even soaking in a natural spring is beneficial.

Other ones you should work on for protection are as follows:

  • Visualize a shield protecting you.
  • To know your needs and to be able to assert them will form protection. 
  • Always set energetic boundaries where ever you are.
  • Take time out to prevent Empath overload.

Avoid negative news:

  • Avoid any intense entertainment, such as scary movies, books, etc. 
  • Avoid sarcastic people.
  • Avoid chronic complainers.

How to release negative energy:

  • Wash your hands. 
  • Shower with salt. Sea salt and or Epsom salt is good.
  • Bath with salt and or Epsom salt and essential oils.
  • Cleanse your personal space energetically. 
  • Smudge your personal space.
  • Ground yourself.
  • Exercise or yoga.
  • Meditate.

For more information on how to make an affordable smudge stick.

Protecting yourself by visualizing a protective shield is powerful.

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