4 Key Ways To Shift Your Mental Focus From Negative To Positive


Your thoughts that run through your mind every day is changing your body physically. It defuses an electrochemical event in your nerve cells creating physiological changes. Studies showed that thoughts being negative or positive can change your brain over time.

Neurotransmitters are released just by thinking of something and will communicate with your nervous system which controls your body functions.

Negative thoughts can take a significant toll on your life which increases your risk of mental and physical problems.

How do you combat and replace negative thoughts?

Step one.

Identify your negative thoughts and acknowledge that you have these negative thoughts. Write down your most powerful negative thoughts.

Take action, allocate active steps to resolve or replace these thoughts. Ask yourselves questions, as that will help power up your problem-solving brain to finding a creative solution to changing negative thoughts with solutions.

Step two.

Keep a list of “Feel Good” things. This might include a bucket list for the year with dates and places. Look through photos which have good memories of family, friends and beautiful places.

Have a gratitude list and keep it up to date with everything you are thankful for.

Step three.

Negative thoughts attract negative outcome while positive thoughts ensure a positive result. Take control of your emotions and free up your mind for more creative solutions.

Let go of negative thoughts and make sure you are in the present moment. This can be achieved by yoga or meditation.

Step four.

Replace your negative thought with a positive though. Consciously push negative thoughts out of your mind by replacing it with a positive thought.

Stop blaming yourself and instead congratulate yourself on your progress and you will feel better, you will notice a change in your behavior too.

You cannot change the future, but you can change your current thoughts with realistic statements that will change your life to the life you would want for yourself. Changing your thoughts is hard work, but it will pay off as positive thinking will become second nature.

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