3 Steps to Feng Shui Your Home Exterior

3 Steps to Feng Shui Your Home Exterior

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By Angie Bersin, Guest writer,
Enlightened Consciousness

So how can you use feng shui to improve the exterior of your own house?

Although feng shui can be dated back to around 4,000 B.C.E., it took until Richard Nixon’s 1972 visit to China for it to come to the West. Since then, feng shui has become deeply ingrained in our cultural consciousness as people all over the country have begun using the practice inside
their homes. However, feng shui was almost exclusively used outside of the home, primarily for city planning and later for the exterior of palaces.

Feng Shui 101

The first step to implementing feng shui outside your home is to understand the core principles that form the foundation of the philosophy. For starters, feng shui recognizes five elements, each of which corresponds to their own cardinal directions and colors:

● Fire: red, yellow, orange, purple, and pink.
● Earth: brown, green, and sandy colors
● Wood: greens and blues.
● Water: blue and black
● Metal: white, gray, and silver




Also important is the Bagua, which is essentially a map of eight symbols found in Taoism. The path to each of the symbols is comprised of three lines, which are either broken or unbroken so as to balance the yin and yang of each. It is this balance between yin (negative energy) and yang (positive energy), that is the fundamental goal of feng shui.

What is Bagua?

A bagua (pronounced “bag-wha”) is a feng shui energy map. It’s an octagonal grid that contains all the symbols of the ancient oracle on which feng shui is based, called the I  Ching. The bagua of your home can help you understand the relationships and connections between different areas and how they parallel your life experience. You can use a bagua to identify each space and then position specific items within the spaces to enhance their feng shui.


1. Welcome the Good Energy

The most crucial element in implementing feng shui outside your home is your front door, as it is the threshold to and from your home. This means that not only does it determine the amount of good or bad chi that flows into your home but it also determines which type of energy you carry with you when you exit your home. Depending on the direction in which your door faces, there are different colors which are both compatible and incompatible with the proper flow of chi. Each of these colors corresponds to one of the five elements of feng shui (wood, fire, earth, water,
and metal), which are then believed to have different effects on the flow of chi. Below is a helpful chart to help you determine the right color for your door.

Facing Direction Compatible Colors Incompatible Colors
East GreenBlack




South Red/Orange



Brown/Sandy TonesBlack


West WhiteGray

Brown/Sandy Tones



North BlackBlue



Sandy Tones

The next step to making sure your threshold exudes good chi is to clear your entryway, making sure it is free of any clutter so that positive chi can easily flow into your home. This means that you should remove any dead plants, cracked pots, or anything else that may have accumulated
around your front door. You should also find a new home for your trash cans and recycling bins as these are major drains of positive chi. Furthermore, be sure to enter through your now-beautiful front door. Not only have you spent so much time making it the beautiful space it now
is but entering through poorly lit or messy side/garage entrances makes for bad chi.


2. Create Harmony in Your Yard

When you move onto sprucing up your yard and garden, be mindful of the different elements and their corresponding cardinal directions. This is a great opportunity to activate some of the different focal points of energy surrounding your home. Here are the basics:

● The North is associated with your career, meaning you should be utilizing water features, as well as deep blues and blacks, in this part of your yard.
● Northeast is associated with spiritual growth and inner knowledge, the northeast is the perfect home for your garden.
● The East represents longevity and health so keep this space green and healthy. This is the perfect spot for a long-living tree such as a hickory, oak, or cypress.
● In the Southeast is your money and abundance area, great for purples and gold. Stick with wood elements here but feel free to spice it up with some water features as well.
● The South is associated with fire, so it is the natural place for a grill or fire pit.
● The Southwest correlates to love and relationships so try to place some comfortable seating in this area, as well as pinks, reds, and yellows.
● West is for creativity, making it an excellent space to reserve for children.
● And finally, the Northwest is home to new people and travel, meaning it should be an open space where you can greet people and let new and old friends alike get to know one another. It is associated with the metal element, so look to include grey hues.

When constructing your garden, you should always look to utilize curved pathways and garden beds outdoors and be careful to avoid straight lines and sharp edges, as these shapes do not occur in nature. Implementing curved, river-like lines will allow for an easy flow of good chi throughout the exterior of your home.

3. Finishing Touches

Since you’re already heading out to get some paint for your front door, why not take a look at the rest of your home for some finishing touches. In order to achieve proper balance with nature, you want your home to be able to blend in a bit with its surroundings, be they natural or man-made. You do however want some pops of color on accents such as window trim, which should match your front door. Following this rule will allow your house to be more harmonious with its’ surroundings, thus attracting more good chi.

Finally, an excellent way to introduce a little more positive energy into your home’s exterior is to put up some wind chimes. Using wooden wind chimes in the east and/or metal ones in the west is a great way to not only assist in activating that energy pocket but also to produce some nice,
healing vibrations in the air. Not to mention, they also sound pretty nice.

By Angie Bersin, Guest writer,
Enlightened Consciousness


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