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16 Unusual Words That Will Make You Sound Smarter And Change The Way You Think

English is a broadly used language filled with many fascinating words. It consists of over 170,000 interesting words, but an average human only knows and uses about 12,000 of these words. 

The principal means of communication is language, which is conveyed by writing, speech, and gestures. Therefore expanding your vocabulary and learning new and exciting words can help you communicate better and come across as more knowledgeable and worldly.

Below we have a list of unique English words you can add to your vocabulary, have fun, and impress everyone!

1. Intellectualized 

It means discussing or discussing a subject entirely and intellectually without involving your emotions or feelings.

In psychology, intellectualization is a defense tool in which reasoning is to block confrontation with an unconscious conflict associated with emotional stress, to think yet avoid feeling, by removing yourself emotionally from any stressful event.

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2. Fugacious

The meaning of this word is fleeting. Everything in life is fugacious, so we should enjoy every moment of it. 

3. Hubris

It means over-confidence that is almost arrogance. It gives you an exaggerated sense of self-worth. 

There is a difference between pride and hubris? Pride is pleasure taken in one’s accomplishments or of another person. Yet, it is the confidence in proportion to the person and their actions. Hubris is pride increased until it is out of proportion.

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4. Lollygag 

Most of you love to spend your time in a lazy and idle way. Well, this is what lollygag means. It means to take your time.

It is a slang term that is sometimes spelled lallygag and may derive from the dialectical “tongue” meaning of lolly.

5. Metanoia 

Metanoia is a profound spiritual transformation. Have you ever experienced this? If you haven’t, then you can use it to transform yourself into a better person. 

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Transformative change of heart.

6. Loquacious 

Being loquacious is all about talking about things that only interest you. These types of people are hard to talk to, as they talk endlessly and generally only about themselves.

7. Schadenfreude 

A schadenfreude person is someone who experiences pleasure through the pain and misfortune of others. It is a horrible trait. 

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8. Epistemology 

The study of knowledge is itself is called epistemology. The main focus is to study the limit of human knowledge and the origin of humans. 

9. Liminal 

Liminal meaning is on the edge of things or between things. Means relating to, or being in an intermediate state, phase, or condition: in-between, transitional, or in the liminal state between life and death.

10. Quixotic 

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Overly optimistic people are considered quixotic. Quixotic means extremely idealistic, unrealistic, and impractical. It might not be practical to be excessively realistic all the time, yet it is good to be optimistic. 

11. Logophile 

Those who love words are known as Logophiles. If you are a word lover, then now you know what to call yourself. 

12. Brouhaha 

Brouhaha is an old-fashioned informal word with funny pronunciation. Brouhaha means an uproar, being upset, a lot of anger, and complaining.

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13. Numinous

Numinous is a pleasant word that means spiritual or supernatural. Numinous is applied to anything that is mysterious or surpasses our human understanding.

14. Baloney 

Baloney means nonsense and is often used when you disagree with someone.

15. Zeal 

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If you take a strong interest in pursuing something or even eager. You have a zeal for those designer shoes. 

16. Myopic 

Myopic is the scientific word for nearsightedness. If you are myopic, then you need glasses to see or read.

Don’t you just love these word?

I hope the words did not Bamboozle you too much. 😉 Do you know the word bamboozle? It is to confuse or trick someone.

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Practice makes perfect, so go out and have fun impressing everyone with these words.

Language is the most significant part of our being. It would be important to learn other languages, besides your own, if you were interested to learn about other peoples and cultures.

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