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11 Words, Actions, And Phrases That Make Appeal Engaging and Professional

People judge you by what you say, what most people don’t realize is, that what comes out of their mouths is a giveaway of their confidence, attitude, insecurities as well as their competency.

Words, actions, and phrases can either make you weak or strong depending on how you use it. Communication has become more casual but also more important as social media has made it possible to reach a broader audience. People will post something before they think not realizing the consequences.

Words, actions, and phrases that will make you weak:

#1 Sorry

Never say sorry unless you have done something wrong, respect yourself and the value you add to a conversation.

#2 Anything with a curse word

This takes away your professionalism.

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#3 Get to the point

Say what you want to say without a long story as the more you say, the less respect you could earn.

#4 Stop being apologetic

I am not sure but, sorry to bother you, and I hope it is ok. Make sure you are on the same foot as the other person don’t give up your authority. Say what you want to say in a dignified manner.

#5 Never communicate in a passive manner

Stand by your decision and begin your sentence with an “I” Be self-assured.

#6 Instruction

Instruction in an e-mail or correspondence should be at the beginning of the document. This way people will get the message before they are bored reading the message.

#7 Self Justification

Do not try to convince people that you are the real deal

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#8 Complaining

Complaining about how sick or exhausted you feel, you are creating an impression that you don’t have control over your life.

#9 Nicknames

Calling people names because you forgot their real name or misspelling peoples name, this shows people that you don’t respect them enough to remember their name.

#10 Confidence

Communicate with confidence as it is a powerful tool to gain respect from people. Always take into account how you would like to be treated before you treat other people differently.

#11 Just

Using the word ‘just’ in a sentence while addressing a subject, implies that the information addressed is being used as a filler, and of no significant importance. Making the receiver feel as the information is a waste of time, loosing interesting in the rest of the conversation which follows.

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