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11 Smart Psychological ‘Hacks’ That Will Help You In Awkward Social Situations

Psychological hacks enable you to have an advantage over others. They help you in finding love, maintaining relationships, and even in your line of work. 

Use these twelve tricks to help you thrive in life. 

1. Check eye color for instant charisma.

According to scientific studies, maintaining eye contact for a longer time increases your charm. The easiest way is by tricking yourself into checking a person’s eye color when you first meet.

To do this, trick yourself into checking a person’s eye color when you first meet. 

2. Chew gum to calm your nerves.

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Chewing gum when you are tense or nervous tricks your brain into thinking that you are comfortable in that particular setting.

3. Do something exciting about a date.

Would you like to overwhelm someone on a date, then do something interesting that is sure to give them an adrenaline rush. This will help you to appeal to that person. 

4. Avoid someone’s anger by sitting right next to them.

According to psychologists, it is easier for a person to unload their anger on you when you are physically distant. Sitting next to someone who is about to yell at you will make it too awkward for them. Therefore, making it hard for them to unleash their anger onto you. 

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5. Watch people’s feet to assess their interest.

A person’s interest in you can be seen through their feet. If the feet are pointed towards you, then the person is interested, and if they’re pointed away, then that means that their thoughts are elsewhere. 

6. Make a great last impression.

You’ve all heard that first impressions are essential, but it is not only the first that matters. Even the last impression is necessary because it will also help people to recall you.

7. Fool angry customers with a mirror.

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This is useful in customer services. When you put a mirror behind you, it will reflect the face of the angry customer. They will immediately stop their angry outbursts when they see how they look at that particular moment.

8. Practice “See one, do one, teach one” to master new skills. 

Whenever you learn a new task, teaching another person how to do the same task will help you grasp the concept well and retain the information properly.

9. Nudge people to love you with “the Ben Franklin Effect.”

Benjamin Franklin found out that doing a favor for someone will make you like them more than you did before. Since our brains hate cognitive dissonance and fights, when we do something nice for a person that we dislike, our brain will come to realize that the person who obtains our help is way cooler than we thought.  

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10. Using a person’s name often to make an impression.

People love talking about themselves. By using a person’s name repeatedly during a conversation strokes their egos and makes us like the person who is doing the stroking.

11. Spot who likes you when you’re in a group.

When you’re unsure who likes you in a group, wait until someone makes the group laugh, then look who the group looks towards, as people tend to turn towards the person they like and trust the most.

Making first impressions, especially in the business field:

  1. It is essential to always be on time. Rather be early than late.
  2. Present yourself well by looking dressing the part and clean.
  3. Be confident and open. Look them in the eye when talking.
  4. Be positive about who you are and what you represent.
  5. It is always good to be courteous and attentive.
  6. Give a firm handshake.
  7. Greet people by their name.
  8. Say your own name slowly and clearly with a smile.

In the sales field, a first impression can determine whether a customer decides to buy from you or not. Use some of the above “hacks” to help you close your deal.

These “hacks” are to help you thrive. It enables you to get to know things that you didn’t about people. It’s all about the choices. Use a few of the “hacks” that you think will help you. 

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