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11 Animals As Omens When They Cross Your Path

For centuries, Native American tribes and ancient cultures believed that each animal holds it’s own message and information, for the meanings of animals who accidentally cross your path.

The ancients have always considered animals to be sacred. Due to the behavior of animals, we can get a greater understanding of the energy around us.

As per spirit guides, we also have spirit animals which we call Totem Animals, that come into our lives to give us messages.

In this article, we have selected the most powerful meaning for a few of these animals.

1. Owl

If an Owl appears it would mean that you should be cautious, as the Owl tries to warn you that there are huge changes coming.

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Be it good or bad, you should pay attention to your own intuitive/gut feelings, as it could be trying to point you in the right direction.

Owls are not bad luck omens, as some of you believe. They could be if you were to see two owls fighting. In general, they are messengers of wonderful news, as they are considered to royal birds.

2. Raven/Crow

Ravens and crows are considered a bad omen, yet seeing one or the other could indicate that something will be revealed to you soon. It be that you should let go of something so that you can move into a new cycle.

3. Cat

Cats are one of the most magical animals on earth. They are very intuitive.

Cats not only protect your home from evil spirits, but it also protects your home from negative energies.

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Should a cat appear randomly, then rubs against your legs, it’s sharing its magic with you. Watch their moves, as it is an omen that you have to listen to your heart.

4. Spider

Spiders are probably the most feared/disliked by majority of us, yet spiders, in general, are good omens and bearers of good luck, especially if found at night.

The spider is a symbol of mystery, power, and growth. Spiders are a reminder that you should take control of your life, just as a spider weaves its web, you too should weave your own life.

5. Deer

A deer is an omen that the universe knows what you are going through. It is telling you that you should face those problems head-on, with grace and dignity.

6. Rabbit

As rabbits reproduce rapidly, they are an omen of fertility and abundance.

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Rabbits crossing your path means that a change is forthcoming. Trust the universe!

7. Lizard

Lizards are considered to be very lucky little creatures.

Should a lizard repeatedly cross your path and catch your attention, it is an omen that you should pay more attention to your dreams, as they could be trying to reveal something to you. There is a possibility that you have lost sight of your goals. You need to spend more time getting back on track.

8. Snake

Most of us link snakes with Adam and Eve. Snakes are symbols of great wisdom and power.

As snakes shed their skin, you have lost your drive. Therefore you need to pay attention to your passions. You should place more energy into pursuing them, as snakes symbolize rebirth, transformation, and healing.

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9. Dragonfly

Dragonflies up close are beautiful with bright colored wings, and usually are around water.

Dragonflies symbolize change and self-realization. They could represent your spirit guide that will help you, by giving you strength and let you know that we should never give up!

10. Ladybug

One of my favorites, considered very lucky.

Ladybugs symbolize good luck, wishes, and joy. They are omens that there is a turning point in your life for the better.

11. Praying Mantis

Praying mantis symbolizes peace and stillness.

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Seeing a praying mantis repeatedly is an omen that you should create a space in your life to enjoy things that you have been missing.

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