10 Simple Zen Rules That May Literally Change Your Life


Zen is something which each and every one of us should experience at a given time in our life. Regardless of your religious beliefs, Zen Buddhism is rather interesting. Zen Buddhism values meditation, while Buddhists focus more on intuition.

If you’re a Buddhist or a collector of universal wisdom, or maybe someone who is interested in finding practical ways to improve their lives in finding peace and happiness, this list below is powerful and life-changing which you could benefit from.

These Zen rules could literally change your life:

#1 Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of our lives. If we don’t get any sleep, we cannot function.

#2 Compassion

Self-compassion is to forgive yourself and finding peace within yourself. After all, you are only human. Being compassionate you see the basic goodness in all people, and this will help you when you don’t understand the actions of others.

#3 Modesty

We should not allow our pride and ego to power our ability to do good in this world. Life is giving and taking.

#4 Thinking

Stop over thinking everything. Don’t allow your mind to wander or over think things or it will get carried away, and you may never find your peace.

#5 Rush

Take your time. Don’t be hasty. If you hasty you will definitely make mistakes along the way.

#6 Timing

Timing is everything. Everything will fall into place at the perfect time. Do not force things, that’s when it generally goes wrong.

#7 Past

Don’t regret the things you cannot change. Your past doesn’t define you, it should make you stronger, wiser and better.

#8 Meditation

Meditation is good for the mind, body and soul. It will help you clear your mind and promote inner peace.

#9 Giving

Life is a constant play of giving and receiving. It is not about gifts, the best form of giving is our love, presence, and compassion.

#10 Moment

You should always live in the moment, as tomorrow is not promised. Enjoy every moment of your life as if it was your last second. Do the thing that you would regret not doing if you had to lose your life.

Remove these 3 poisons from your life:
Greed, Hatred, and Delusion.

Those 3 devices are responsible for the majority of our pain and suffering. Without them, you will find peace and joy

Change yourself, change the world!

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