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10 Body Language Signs That Could Mean They Are Totally Into You

A person’s body language is extremely useful in determining what kind of a person he or she is. It can tell us almost everything we need to know about them. Body language, more often than not, reflects a person’s inner thoughts. 

How do you tell if someone likes you?

Here are ten body language signs that will help you determine if they are into you. 

1. Their posture.

Both genders should be open and relaxed and would probably try to get closer than normal. When someone is interested, they’ll move closer and lean in to hear what you have to say. It is a subconscious action that tells an onlooker that the person likes you.

HE:  If his posture is open, shoulders are relaxed, jaw unclenched, and hands and arms uncrossed. Wherever you are, he stands with his face close to yours; it depicts that he wants to be physically as close to you as possible.

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SHE:  She stands closer to you, closer than a normal standing or sitting position.

2. Their hands.

Both genders could do the same thing. They both could play with a glass or anything else on hand, what you could call nervous fidgeting. You could both accidentally brush up against each other.

HE:  Whenever a guy is comfortable around you, he doesn’t keep his hands in his pocket or behind his back. His hands are visible to you. His hands could get clammy, which is a sign of nervousness, and he doesn’t want to mess up around you. 

SHE:  She tends to brush up against you accidentally, and her fingers intentionally touch yours.

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3. Their head.

HE:  He tilts his head to the side; it depicts the fact that he is curious and interested in what you’re saying. If he has a necktie, he may play with it.

SHE:  She tends to play with her hair, tilting her head to the side, trying to get your attention in a submissive way.

4. Their breathing. 

HE:  His breathing is more relaxed, which means that he is comfortable and relaxed around you. It shows that he can be himself when he is with you.

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SHE:  If her breathing is faster, it is a sign that she is attracted to you. Some women do tend to breathe faster when they are incredibly nervous.

5. Their eyes.

Both genders’ pupils tend to get larger if they are into you. A person’s pupils dilate when they like or are attracted to something.

HE:  He looks longer and with greater intensity. There is an unironic intensity in the eye contact; instead of a nod, he might lean towards you, and his eyes will lock into your face. His eyebrows can raise every time he sees you.

SHE:  It may look like she is trying to speak to you telepathically with her gaze, and in between drops her eye contact. In other words, she returns your eye-gazing more.

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6. Their voice.

Both genders’ voices tend to change slightly to a sweeter, softer tone.

HE:  His voice changes into a slower sweeter tone.

SHE:  Her voice also changes into a slower sweeter tone.

7. Listening. 

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Both genders may lower their head and lean in while talking and move their body closer to yours without realizing they are doing it.

HE:  His attention towards you gets flirty, and they become more attentive.

SHE:  She laughs at all your jokes, even the silly ones, and when giggling, she’s looking into your eyes.

8. Their body angle.

HE:  He will stand as close to you as possible.

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SHE:  When women aren’t sure of you, they’ll stand at an angle to you. But if she really likes you, she’ll turn and face you directly.

9. Flushed

Both genders’ faces could get flushed as the stress reaction leads to releasing adrenaline and facial flushing. Being nervous is a sign that they are into you.

10. Interruptions and distractions.

Both genders will minimize distractions and interruptions. Should you get interrupted, a person interested in you will quickly apologize and touch you to reconnect.

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Every part of a person’s unconscious body movement will tell you something about them. 

Therefore, you should pay close attention to their mannerisms and what they do with their feet, legs, hands, eyes, and facial expressions, especially in your relationship’s early stages. Paying attention to their body language will reaffirm if they are totally into you.

Men and women’s needs are different in a relations.

Women are sensitive creatures that require love and attention. They want to be held and hear “I love you” and to feel wanted. 

Meanwhile, men seek appreciation and respect for what they do. Simply put, they want to be your hero. Most men want to step up to the plate for the woman in their life and be appreciated for all their efforts.

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