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Living water has a memory. It is the largest living creatures on our planet. But as now thinks water? As it can store any information? And how can you use the memory of water?

Living water – reminiscent Water Living Water: Memories visualize Dr. Masaru Emoto, director of the Hado Institute in Tokyo, has been found in tens of thousands of experiments that water stores not only good and bad information, such as music and words, but also emotions and consciousness. The memory of water he illustrated with photographs of frozen water crystals.

On one hand, he collected water from all parts of the world and different times, and was able to document changes in the quality in this way. On the other hand, he also experimented with the same water as the starting material, which he exposed in different samples different influences (music, written and spoken words, etc.) before he froze it.

Living Water: Effect of memory
Negative influences (radioactive radiation, microwaves, hard rock, chemical pollution, contamination by bad thoughts projections, etc.) affect the water so that it does not form crystals at all incomplete, ugly and in extreme cases.

Nevertheless, “noted” the water, the substance with which it was mixed and had a demonstrable  effect  on the subjects. What does this mean for the water that is contaminated with environmental toxins and is using these ‘reminder’ to our drinking water?

Living Water: Clear memory 
but the memory of the water may also be deleted. Thus, for example, has determined that such information may be destroyed in the water. Homeopathic solutions  should not be put on electronic devices as a precaution, to Trinkwasserenergetisierung in a positive sense ranging also a coaster with for example an angel symbol or any other symbol of salvation.

By shaking the water crystals are also brought back to its original shape.

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